May 19, 2021

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Trapped miners named

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From the 17-year-old spending his first day underground to the man who volunteered to work two hours of overtime, meet the 29 men trapped in a West Coast mine.

Police today named all of the men and more details are emerging about them following the explosion at the Pike River coal mine near Greymouth.

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Conrad John Adams, 43, Greymouth – Adams is listed on Linked In as a deputy at Pike River Coal Mine.

Malcolm Campbell, 25, Greymouth (Scottish) – Campbell is due to marry his Kiwi fiancee Amanda on December 18. Originally from St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

Glen Peter Cruse, 35, Cobden

Allan John Dixon, 59, Runanga

Zen Wodin Drew, 21, Greymouth – Zen’s father Laurie is one of the only family members to speak publicly so far. Laurie last night told media “If I had my way, I’d be down there and I’d go into the mine myself – I’m not scared or nothing – and I’d go and look myself, gas or not.”

Christopher Peter Duggan, 31, Greymouth – From nearby Runanga, Chris’ brother Dan Duggan wrote on his Facebook page yesterday: “Love u me Brother Chris and all the lads underground, we are all trying to stay positive and thanks for all the messages guys.” His brother, John, is flying home to New Zealand from overseas tonight.

Joseph Ray Dunbar, 17, Greymouth – It is understood that the day of the explosion was his first day working underground.

John Leonard Hale, 45, Ruatapu

Daniel Thomas Herk, 36, Runanga

David Mark Hoggart, 33, Foxton

Richard Bennett Holling, 41, Blackball

Andrew David Hurren, 32, Greymouth

Jacobus (Koos) Albertus Jonker, 47, Cobden (South Africa) – South African media reported Jonker as among the missing. Written on his wife Christelle’s Facebook profile is the message, “Dankie vir al jul gebede en moet asb nie ophou nie.” It translates as “Thanks for all your prayers and please do not stop.”

William John Joynson, 49, Dunollie

Riki Steve Keane, 28, Greymouth

Terry David Kitchin, 41, Runanga – Kitchin had finishedhis shift before the explosion, but opted to do two hours overtime.

Samuel Peter Mackie, 26, Greymouth

Francis Skiddy Marden, 41, Runanga

Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk, 23, Greymouth – A rugby rep for the West Coast, he attended top rugby school St Bede’s College in Christchurch as a boarder before he returned home to work in the mine. He is the son of a Paroa hotel-owner and long-serving West Coast rugby captain Bernie Monk, and long-term West Coast netball rep and coach Cath Monk.

Stuart Gilbert Mudge, 31, Runanga

Kane Barry Nieper, 33, Greymouth – Nieper is married to daughter of a local contractor, they have a young family.

Peter O’Neill, 55, Runanga – O’Neill is a member of a well known mining family from Runanga. His father and several brothers have worked in the coal mining industry. He is a Runanga and West Coast rugby league identity and with brothers Iain, Trevor, and the late Pat was also very prominent in lawn bowls. One of O’Neill’s brothers is in the mines rescue team at Pike River. Peter, believed to be a shift boss, was a member of the mines rescue team involved in the rescue of miners trapped in the flooded Black Reef mine two years ago.

Milton John Osborne, 54, Ngahere – A Grey District councillor and contractor at the Pike River mine.

Brendan John Palmer, 27, Cobden

Benjamin David Rockhouse, 21, Greymouth – The younger brother of coal miner Daniel Rockhouse, 24, who was one of only two men to escape the mine. Neville Rockhouse, Ben and Daniel’s father, is the safety & training manager at Pike River Coal.

Peter James Rodger, 40, Greymouth (British) – This is not the first time Roger has been trapped in the mine. He started at Pike River in April and was trapped underground for eight hours about three months ago. He is from Perth Scotland and lives in New Zealand with his girlfriend.

Blair David Sims, 28, Greymouth – Sims is a rugby league representative, a regular player in the centre or on the wing for the West Coast. Sims received the West Coast Player of the Year Award the last two years running, as well as being picked for the newly established South Island team this year.

Joshua Adam Ufer, 25, Australia – A drilling supervisor from Middlemount in Queensland. Ufer’s fiancee, Rachelle Weaver, is three months pregnant and family have flown to Greymouth in the hope that Ufer will emerge alive.

Keith Thomas Valli, 62, Winton.

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  1. My thoughts are with you. My dad was a miner in the 50s, Arthue Nelson, a pick a shovel and a stick on dynatime. To the west coasters I have come back to NZ and will do what I can to support you in Wellington.

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