May 12, 2021

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TV series seeks Maori to undertake quest of discovery

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Bravestar Films are looking for Maori of all ages in your community to be part of an exciting television event.

If youre Maori and youve lost touch with your heritage then we want to talk to you about helping you rediscover your history. Then wed join you on a mission of discovery to uncover your past.

The television series is called Tatai Hono. It is focused on the journey to find our turangawaewae, to understand where we came from, who we are, and where we belong.

For each of us, knowing our heritage is central to identity. For those that have lost that connection – discovering or rediscovering can provide a pathway to the restoration of dignity, security and humanity.

The key element of this series is Maori rediscovering their Whakapapa and their marae.

Toitu te whenua ngaro ai te tangata.

This series will follow your journey as you rediscover your Maori heritage. With the help and support of a kaum?tua led research team, we will share the journey back to your marae and your iwi, hapu and whanau.

You will share your stories of how you have longed to find the “missing parts” of your life and inspire other Maori.?

Those chosen to be part of the programme should be strongly motivated in their quest for their whakapapa. Our team of researchers will work with you to initiate the research, and throughout the journey you will be guided by our production team with care and respect.

For more information and an application form please email:

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