May 16, 2021

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Wahine Maori looking for mahi – valuable skills offered

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Kia ora whanau – received this panui today and thought it was great to see whanau actively using the Digital Kumera Vine which we love so much to offer some very valuable services – please pass on.

Mihi atu kia koutou. I am looking for a part time job.

I have a job in Waikeria Prison that I love very much, but it is either a feast or a famine, so in the down months I thought I would put out a panui just in case you need someone like me in your organization,

I would work for you in the months of:

  • 2011 – January, February, March
  • July, August, September
  • From 9.00-12.00 Monday Friday.

This is what I can do:

  • Taonga Puoro-Maori Musical Instruments
  • Whare Tapa wha
  • Te Whare Tangata.
  • Te Whare oranga, healing ones self
  • Creative Writing as a healing process
  • Tikanga/ Kawa
  • Iho Matua
  • Karanga
  • The art of growing and carving hue/gourds
  • Carving story on tokotoko
  • Creating your story beginning with whakapapa
  • The importance of Purakau/pakiwaitara.
  • Maori creative art through all medium

The resources with each wananga I will provide:

    • Student manual
    • Equipment for the arts
    • Taongo Puoro for display and making
    • Paper/ pencils, rubbers etc

What I ask of you is:

  1. To sit and negotiate with me as to what you can afford to pay me, this is for our own Maori community, and for those of you who can afford it we will still sit and negotiate.
  2. To provide me a putea and space and those you want me to work with.
  3. To utilize me to the best of your ability.

I know you wont regret the work I will do for you because I am confident that I will do the job well you can ask these people if that is so:

Errol Baker
Te Ao Marama Unit
Waikeria Prison
07 8736700


Francis Taylor
Go Tuatara
07 8230309


Margaret Morice
Te Waka Oranga Maori Psychotherapist group

Well thats a mouthful, and I dont often talk of myself in this way, I hope you find there is some working in those mornings I can do for you.

Email, phone, leave a message of you have an enquiry and I will get back to you as soon as.

This is exciting.

Mauri ora kia koutou.

Hinewirangi Kohu Morgan

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