May 19, 2021

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The launch of Whaanau Ora is the culmination of a decades-long struggle by Maaori to gain control over their own destinies, said Tukoroirangi Morgan, Chair of Te Arataura, the executive board of Waikato-Tainui.

Whaanau Ora is where the buck stops, and hope for a new era begins, said Tukoroirangi Morgan

This Iwi pays tribute to the Hon. Tariana Turia, the Hon. Pita Sharples and Ministers of the National Government who have recognised that past policies have failed to help Maaori reach their potential in society.

We are delighted that the Koiora Waikato-Tainui collective have been recognised as one of the inaugural participants in bringing Whaanau Ora to life.

We have always taken the view that our traditional tribal structures and cultural values are the foundations upon which Maaori social and cultural transformation must be built.

Collective strength through unity under one Korowai was a founding principle of the Kiingitanga and the success of the Koiora Collective is, in one sense, a vindication of that founding belief

To be one of the successful collectives picked from 130 providers of Whaanau Ora, reinforces the treaty partnership with Iwi, builds on the co-governance model, and will help us realise the vision contained in our tribal blueprint, Whakatupuranga 2050, which aims to grow a prosperous, healthy, vibrant, innovative and culturally strong Iwi, said Tukoroirangi Morgan.

We believe Whaanau Ora is more than just a policy. It has to be more than just a funding commitment. And it must be about more than a framework for implementation. It is all those things, and something much more important: A belief in ourselves and the primacy of our cultural values.

We believe this is more evidence of a new level of maturity in the evolution of the partnership between Maaori and the Crown.

Koiora Waikato-Tainui Koiora providers were selected from the Health, Education and Social Service sectors. All providers understand their role is to deliver a holistic service to empower Whaanau to make decisions for themselves.

Poor health, substandard housing, overcrowded living conditions, educational underachievement, high rates of imprisonment. These have been our lot for successive generations, said Mr Morgan.

The system has consistently failed Maaori. One-size-fits-all policies developed in Wellington, short-term funding, inadequate resourcing and silo mentalities have seen our people face the same issues that were identified 27 years ago in Sir Robert Mahutas ground-breaking Tainui Report.

More than 100 chairmen, chief executives and general managers from around the region and across all sectors gathered to hear how Waikato-Tainui intends to operationalise its inter-generational plans, Whakatupuranga 2050, into meaningful and effective support at the grass roots.

Our goal is to further develop and strengthen relationships with and between tribal service providers, Maaori providers, mainstream providers, government agencies and Marae clusters.

This is the Waikato-Tainui way that we care for all who choose to live in our region, regardless of whakapapa. We have an inter-generational commitment and custodial responsibility for the care and protection of all those who reside in our tribal rohe. It is a whaanau-centred approach that will be supported by Marae Clusters working on the ground to assess need and deliver the appropriate support to ensure our people flourish.

For further information contact:

Kirk MacGibbon
Waikato-Tainui Communications Unit.
Mob: 0211 355 969

Information Sheet

What is the Koiora Collective?

The Koiora collective comprises a grouping of health, education, social services, environmental and justice providers operating under the korowai of Waikato-Tainui.

Who is in the Koiora Collective?

At this stage, Koiora is made up of the following organisations:

Hauora Waikato Maaori Mental Health

Ideal Success Charitable Trust

JTP Consultants Ltd, Te Kotahitanga

Nga Miro Health Trust

Raukura Hauora o Tainui Trust

Raukura Waikato Social Services

Solomon Group Education and Training Academy

Waahi Whaanui Trust

What is the purpose of the Koiora Collective?

Koiora is committed to working together to support whaanau to be the best they can be, to be self-managing and to take responsibility for their own social, cultural and economic development.

What are the priorities for the Koiora Collective?

Strengthening ongoing relationships with whaanau and others.

Working together to design and implement a whaanau-centred service delivery model.

Working with funders to align and integrate existing funding arrangements and services.

What are the principles of the Koiora Collective?

Koiora is guided by the unifying principles of the Kiingitanga and the following values

Whanaungatanga we recognise and value the kinship ties that bind us and those whaanau and others we work with

Kotahitanga we will work in unity

Whakaiti we will act with humility in all that we do

Whakapono we will work in good faith

Aroha our work will be built on mutual trust and respect

Rangimarie we will work to resolve issues in a constructive and calm way

Manaakitanga we will be generous towards others

Kaitiakitanga we will exercise our stewardship role to benefit those whaanau and others we work with

Can other organisations join the Koiora Collective?

Yes. Koiora is open to other organisations committed to working with whaanau. It is expected membership will grow over time.

What is the current focus of the Koiora Collective?

Koiora has prepared a response to the Governments Expression of Interest for Whaanau-Centred services. If successful, Koiora will work alongside key government agencies, whaanau and other stakeholders to deliver on a Programme of Action.

What is the service area for the Koiora Collective?

Koiora intends to operate alongside the Waikato-Tainui marae cluster regional boundaries. They are:

Te Kei o te Waka

Te Puuaha o Waikato

Te Riu o Waikato

Te Tai Hauauru

Te Tai Raawhiti

Te Tai Tonga

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