May 12, 2021

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Whanau feeling pulls Tamaki Tours through hard times

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Tamaki Tours co-founder Doug Tamaki says a whanau approach has helped the company get through its toughest years in business.

The company has just franchised its Christchurch Heritage Village to a company owned by Andrew Te Whaiti, the former chief executive of Te Puia Maori art and crafts Institute in Rotorua.

Mr Tamaki says soon after opening the attraction at Ferrymead in 2006 the tourism sector was hit hard by the global financial crisis, but the hard work of staff pulled it through.

It’s like a whanau so where change was required, we made the changes to streamline where we had to and adjust but weve been around for a while and weve got a strong brand out there, not just in Aotearoa but also internationally and just like any business if you are passionate and you get down and make the right decisions, you will come through the other side of it, Mr Tamaki says

Tamaki Tours Rotorua Maori village last week won the 2010 Golden Backpackers Award for the best Indigenous Cultural Experience in Australasia.

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