May 9, 2021

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Whanau sends update on Troy Liddington

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This is Myrtle Ratapu with a update of our nephew Troy Liddington. Today is day 36 and still he has not been seen. We went up there for several days with three of our Uncle Bill and Aunty Pegs mokopuna and great mokopuna, they were Sonny Boy, Wiremu and Tureiand two of Uncle Jocks mokopuna, Les and Billy, one of my Mum Myrtleand Dad Epineha, mokopuna Glenn. We are so proud of them. Cousin Doll gave a lone of her van so we could get everyone there.

Rangitane in Masterton,Wairarapa helped Glenn and I to get up to Waipoua Forestry by filling up our car and with love they gave us a big box of fish to feed the people while they were searching. It is also very good to have someone to contact and just tell Mike and Erina Kawana how things were going as our hearts were very heavy and it was awsome to get nice words from home to encourage us. Ka nui te mihi ki a koe Mike for arranging things with the tangata whenua, we didn’t even think of that all we wanted to do was go so we were so grateful that there was someone that had Thankyou also to Ngati Kahungunu who assisted cousin Huti to get the car and van all the way up past Auckland. What a long way. Many thanks to you for your aroha.

Many thanks to all the whanau who shared the message about our boy with everyone as prayers and the love that was being shared was wonderful to feel.

Many thanks to our whanaunga who went with Cain and kept him company. Cain is the younger brother of Troy and his heart is heavy as all he wants is to see his big brother. While we were in Waipoua forest despite aches and pains everyday they went out to search. Us unfit old fullas stayed home and got meals ready for the men and made sure they had dry cloths and boots and hot meals when they came in from the forest. May thanks to all of you who sent assistance to our cousin Huti so she cousin buy kai, pay for vehicles, pay for their houses, buying things that were necessary like torches, batteries and many other things that you dont think of bringing from home. Thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!

Many thanks to the tangata whenua, Ngati Roroa for their hospitality/ whakawhanaungatanga. The kaumatua came to visit us and shared the whakapapa or genealogy with us and we felt at home. Some of the tangata whenua also came to be with us and went into the forest to look for our boy Troy with the rest of the men, it was wonderful to have them beside us.

I wish I didn’t have to leave Waipoua but it was necessary, some of the boys had to return to their whanau and Glenn feel down a cliff and hurt his leg so he needed to come home and I got asthma so better to be home so that the kai lasts for those that are working. We have been worried that Cain may not rest while we are away because finding his brother is always on his mind.

Cousin Huti is so grateful for all the care and manakitanga she felt from so many people, she too needs to have a rest try to get strong and go back up to Waipoua as she feels good to be at the place where her son is, so that is what we will do get rested and healed and go back with a different lot of men.

The forest is not pine it is a very old forest and the trees are kauri. They are breath taking but to try and go down one row of that type of forestry takes eight times as long to get through as the undergrowth beneath the trees is like trying to get through blackberry scrub, very tiring to get through. We saw and heard some very interesting things and I am indeed humbled at the goodness some people showed us while we were there.

We are believing that he will come out as the kaumatua or elders told us of other people who went missing and one in particular was a lady who went for a walk and wasn’t seen again for two and a half months and she come out so that is what we are believing for our boy Troy.

We stayed right in the middle of the forest so we could not get phone connection in there. I was going to ring people and tell them their adverts on television were untrue ha ha but it was just one of those things.We learnt a lot while up their and everyone should love the people that love you and appreciate the goodness people do for you and repay them for their goodness.

Well whanau thank you for your prayers and once again to our nephews who came to help your Aunties are so grateful it was a very big job. I will pick you up again when we go back lol Love you all so much will never forget Aunty Huti love you ones so very much. Dont forget to go and see her and ring her and tell her you love her, she absolutely needs this from all of the family, everyone dont forget that please.

May you all receive a hundred fold what you gave to looking for our boy, we will find him we know we will. Sorry this so long next update will not be as long but it seems like along time ago that I sent out the cry for help. My cousin Huti still needs all of the help she can get whanau as looking to him has not stopped just a new lot of people are looking. When the kaumatua told us that the hill at the back of where we were was called Te Puke o Turehu we were happy as we know them from Te Hauke as well and they looked after us in our youth.

Than kyou to the Maori Channel for going and interviewing people about our plight and also to the newspapers as that is how tangata whenua our pig hunters and whoever else hear that people have a need. Much love and best wishes to you all,

Arohanui Myrt Ratapu, Te Huhuti o te Rangi Liddington (nee Hapuku Te Nahu, Cain Liddington and the Tamaiawhitia raua ko Waireti Hapuku Te Nahu Whanau send heaps of gratitude to you all.

Tihei Mauriora

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  1. love u my dad no one can change the fact that ur my dad with my mana love i will rize and defeat the bad from the good stop my bad wayz 4 u when people forget ill alwayz remeamber u ur alwayz in my mind from ur only son taZ AND DAD I SORTTA GOT A GIRLFRIEND SHEZ BUETIFFULL AZZ ILL.MY STANIMA WILL NEVER GO LOW ILL RIZE TO THE ACATION BLESS ME DAD with strenght.

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