May 13, 2021

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All That Glitters Sparkle this Christmas Season!

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Its Christmas Party Season and you have got the perfect wardrobe set in toe with a little black number but havent got a clue how to carry off red lipstick without looking like youve eaten a box of raspberries?

Its time to get all dolled up should you opt for nude lips and smoky eyes and a Kate Moss-esque cheek shimmer or perhaps body glitter? And how do you stop those fake eyelashes sticking to your eyebrows? I will share all the tips you need to know to get you looking your best this Christmas.

Skin Preparation

Skin is the like an artists canvas if your skin doesnt look great neither will your makeup. Pamper your skin and look after it. Get a good nights sleep beforehand if you are going out and want to look good.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm.

Flawless Skin

Skin Illuminators or foundation shimmer sticks are the most flattering way to highlight areas of the face and give your skin a natural glow. They are available in liquid or cream forms and are great for adding luminosity to your makeup. Apply over your foundation and blend evenly with fingers or a foundation brush.

Fair skin should use silvery shades and if you have a golden warmth in your skin use a gold shimmer shade. Never put silver on top of golden skin, it doesnt look healthy as the colours clash.

Sultry Eyes

For makeup that lasts all night long try a lash-tinting mascara. They have an ink base, which basically stains your lashes with a dark rich colour, but doesnt coat them. You can do anything to your lashes, rub them or cry and the tint doesnt move!

Add sparkle by using crushed glitter to your eyeliner.

This keeps the look simple but opens up eyes with a gorgeous shimmer that will last all night. Apply the glitter to top lashes only and put as close to your lash line as possible. To really accentuate your eyes add some individual lashes to the corners. The best tip for fake eye lashes is to invest in some decent glue, good glues dry clear so you are free to make mistakes without looking messy.

Body Shimmer

Beautiful Christmas makeup is not just about the face, rub in body glimmer creams and shimmer sticks on arms, legs and shoulders for a glow to skin that looks ravishing and show stopping.

Luscious Lips

Either make a statement with your eyes or lips but dont do both, it is over powering and not modern. Christmas gives us the perfect opportunity to wear lip colours that we wouldnt feel brave enough to wear normally. Opt for red this season, it is a big trend this summer and it is classically fitted for Christmas.

After Party

With so many functions and parties to attend you need to look after your skin post-party as well as before so that you look great for the next one! Always remove makeup with a cleanser fit for your skin type.

The best way to remove long-last products is to use oil based products. Emollient product removes oils and long lasting pigments. You can even use olive oil to remove most makeup.

By Phoenix Renata

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