May 10, 2021

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Hauora shares Cancer info with Wahine

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(Waatea News) A Hawkes Bay health and social services provider hopes giving wahine Maori more information will help pick up cancers early.

An Otago University study has found the rates of breast, lung, lymphatic, and blood-carried cancers are rising among Maori women.

Sharon Rye from Te Kupenga Hauora Ahuriri says a demystifying cancer expo at Pukemokimoki marae aimed to show women what services exist to find and treat cancer.

It was a huge information day, sharing of information flowing from both sides from the community and the whanau back to the providers and from the providers to the whanau. It was a very worthwhile exercise, Ms Rye says.

As a result of what it learned in the exercise, Te Kupenga Hauora Ahuriri aims to employ more cancer support staff.

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