May 12, 2021

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How to find ‘lost’ shareholders?

1 min read has recently been asking our Facebook Whanau for panui, and patai which we can help disseminate to around the motu, one quite interesting patai came from Wiremu Keepa who has been delegated the responsibility of finding ‘lost’ shareholder’s most recent contact details.

He asks the following:

What are the best methods to use in order to find ‘lost’ shareholders contact details in order to fully update the register?”

The aim of this exercise is that it will allow the Trust to complete the shareholders register and of course keep owners involved with the Trust’s movements.

Even though he has a list of over 250 names that showing their christian, middle and surname. This is a major problem which most/all other Maori Trusts encounter, in terms of unclaimed dividends. A key barrier which is faced is the issue of privacy especially when attempting to access information from other data bases.

Korero mai whanau, what has your trust done and what has worked for you?

1 thought on “How to find ‘lost’ shareholders?

  1. in regards to Wiremu Kepa,s patai, if people are willing to share there details on websites like facebook and the like then i don't see it as a privacy issue as long as its not abused,gov.depts,police, finance comps repos they,re able to get information about us without any repurcussions or worries about privacy issues they been doin it for years.

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