May 14, 2021

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Inspiring Maori women wanted for Documentary series

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Rotorua, New Zealand – Tuesday 7th December 2010 – Velvet Stone Media is on the lookout for remarkable Maori women from all walks of life for the second installment of its documentary series I know a Sheila Like That

The series will feature a diverse range of interesting and inspiring Maori women and will find out what illuminates the spark that causes them to choose the road less travelled.

Its a well-known fact that a womans place in the world has changed. Theres a new breed of wahine that likes to hunt a pig, cook it for the family all the while juggling an often-demanding career and Saturday morning sports with the kids!

Women have taken ownership of the balancing act and are stepping out of societys comfort zone in achieving leadership roles in sometimes unknown territories. Some find niche markets, others a new invention but most women seem to focus on an area they are passionate about or that holds some personal meaning for them.

When placed in identical situations, no two people will make the same choices. In I know a Sheila Like That we propose to follow the lives of thirteen women who have made different choices. Some women have made tremendous sacrifices to live the life theyve chosen. Women that we know our mother, our aunty, sister or daughter each have made decisions that created a turning point in their life or who have provided a catalyst for others. This series celebrates those differences.

If you know of anybody who would be interested in taking part in the series please see the details listed below. Velvet Stone Media specialises in film and television production and is based in Rotorua. The second series of “I know a Sheila like That…” will air on Maori Television in the middle of 2011.

For further information contact:

Lara Northcroft
[email protected]

Velvet Stone Media
PO Box 1766
Phone: 021 992 682

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