May 14, 2021

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Mauri Ora is a unique consultancy that combines the extensive experience, background and qualifications of its key Associates and networks.

Mauri Ora Associates was established in 2000 to provide management consultancy and education services to a broad range of organisations in the public and private sectors.

Our principal aim is to improve the delivery of culturally appropriate services to Maori.

A secondary aim is to elevate indigenous development by expanding into other sectors.


Founded by Maori health and educational professionals, Mauri Ora Associates is committed to:

  • Whanau, hapu, iwi and Maori community development
  • The preservation of Maori cultural integrity, tikanga and te reo
  • Maori workforce development
  • Quality services and robust advice for Maori health gain

What We Do

Mauri Ora principals and staff combine international insight with firsthand experience in cultural competency and critical communication to providing training, independent advice and consultancy services to organisations seeking support in:

  • Cultural competency training and development;
  • Critical communications training and development;
  • Evaluation, service reviews and auditing;
  • Research in health disparities and other related health issues;
  • Run symposia on topical health issues;
  • Complete organisational benchmark reviews;

How we do it

Competency Courses

We offer a range of courses in the field of cultural competency specifically for the clinical environment, delivering better the relationships between the clinician and patient.

Critical Communication Courses

We offer a range of courses in the field of Critical Communications in a clinical environment, improving relationships within clinical teams.


We offer a one-off review of cultural competency within your organisation. However, building upon that, as part of your continuous improvement programme, we can offer an annual review of cultural competency & health disparities within your organisation. Each years review makes recommendations and reports on improvements or declines from the previous year.


Available nationwide, with highly authoritative speakers, cultural competency, health disparities and the health status of vulnerable populations. The latest research is evidence-based.

We undertake research projects in all areas of cultural competency, diversity and the experiences of health care of vulnerable populations.

Our recent work

For more information, please contact Mauri Ora Associates

Phone: (09) 486 7148
Fax: (09) 486 7150
Email: [email protected]

PO Box 33577
North Shore City 0740

Level 1
7 Anzac Street
North Shore City

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