May 13, 2021

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King Tuheitia has intervened to bring an end to a dispute between the new Chair of the Waikato-Tainui Parliament, Te Kauhanganui, and its executive board, Te Arataura.

The King has issued the following statement.

I have consulted with representatives of Te Kauhanganui, Te Arataura, and Hiiona Marae that selected Mrs Tania Martin as their representative on Te Kauhanganui.

Following this consultation, I am acting in my capacity as Paramount Chief of Waikato-Tainui to dismiss Mrs Martin from the position as Chair of Te Kauhanganui.

I have done so because her actions over the last week have rendered Te Kauhanganui dysfunctional and incapable of resolving the dispute she has created between Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura.

I am deeply saddened that she has failed to keep a commitment she made to me that she would work with the people inside Te Kauhanganui to ensure that Waikato-Tainui is no longer brought into disrepute by internal conflict within Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura. I have lost confidence in her ability to keep her commitments and to fill the role of Chair of Te Kauhanganui.

Without prior consultation with her colleagues, Mrs Martin prepared and circulated a report that contains a seriously inaccurate analysis of Te Aratauras financial performance, and unsubstantiated allegations of unlawful conduct on the part of members of Te Arataura.

She is well aware of the damaging errors in her report. She has been taken through them several times. She has told my Kahui Ariki representative that she has made a major mistake. She has agreed several times to issue an apology to members of Te Arataura, but has not delivered on those agreements. She has committed to meet with Te Arataura and accept offers of mediation of her dispute, and has repeatedly failed to meet those commitments.

Last Thursday, Mrs Martin declined to meet with me on the grounds that she would be receiving hospital treatment that day. However, she was still able to record an interview with Maori Television at exactly the same time as she could not meet with me 10:30am on Thursday.

She has ignored warnings from the Executive Board last Friday that her actions are extremely serious and have legal consequences both in terms of defamation actions that may be pursued by those whose reputations have unfairly been called into question, and actions on procedural grounds in terms of the requirements of the Dispute Rule and Charter of Te Kauhanganui.

Instead, she has advised the Board that she is pressing ahead with the implementation of an internal governance review this week and requested them to appoint three members to the Select Standing Committee she intends to chair to conduct the review.

This situation cannot continue. Mrs Martin has already conducted a flawed prosecution, and delivered her judgment in her report to Te Kauhanganui, without granting those she accuses of unlawful conduct a fair opportunity to defend themselves.

Protracted, expensive and damaging legal actions will inevitably follow if matters are allowed to run their current course. We have seen too much of this in our recent history, and it is time to put an end to it.

As the Paramount Chief of Waikato-Tainui, I have lost confidence in Mrs Martins ability to deliver the commitments she makes and to fill the role of Chair of Te Kauhanganui. I am now intervening to halt the damage and restore unity, fairness and good order to the proceedings of Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura.

I am initiating an independent review of the constitution and governance processes and an audit of the financial performance of both organisations to provide reports and recommendations to Te Kauhanganui on improvements that can and should be made.

This review will be led by a notably qualified person, Judge Heta Hingston, supported by an appropriately experienced and qualified examiner, Mr Craig Raniera Ellison. I hope to obtain their report in a period of three months. Once their report has been completed, I will work with the elected members of Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura to ensure that recommended improvements are implemented speedily.

Today, I asked the Hiiona Marae Committee and Trustees to encourage Mrs Martin to issue an apology to me, to the Board of Te Arataura, and to Te Kauhanganui. I have asked them to take all reasonable steps to encourage Mrs Martin to issue a retraction of all the allegations made in her report. In my capacity as Paramount Chief, I have also asked them to remove and replace Mrs Martin as their elected representative on Te Kauhanganui.

They have declined to do so on the grounds that this matter should be handled within the disputes process of Te Kauhanganui. This is not possible because Mrs Martins actions have rendered Te Kauhanganui dysfunctional. This is the reason I have decided that I now have no alternative but to dismiss Mrs Martin as Chair of Te Kauhanganui. I have appointed my Kahui Ariki representative, Mr Greg Miller, to the position of Acting Chair of Te Kauhanganui so that the organisation can become fully functional again.

Media Enquiries:

Office of the King
Kahui Ariki Representative: Greg Miller 021 965 020
Kaikorero: Hone Edwards 021 286 0832

Te Arataura

Chair: Tukoroirangi Morgan 021 791 446


  1. Tania has been vindicated. Ana. Listening to the Arataura lawyers eat humble pie was music to my ears. Te Kauhanganui reps I have spoken to are pleased with the outcomes and ready to get on with the job.

    Let me predict the next episode. Te Arataura attempts to put their choice of 'independent mediator' into the mix.

    Given its a constitutional issue, I think the 'independent mediator' should be someone like Moana Jackson or Judge Eddie Durie. Mmmmm Think I'll suggest it to the reps so if the issue comes up they can vote on it.

  2. i agree with all ov that claire.

    TUHEITIA AS maori king should not judge others.

    he makes a poor king, doing all the wrong things, as this says hes doing all this to unite his people, your going about the wrong way there brotherrrrr.

    best wishes to tania, she could be start to a new era (hopefully)

    Tuku i hope you go DOWN!!!!!!! the truth is finally coming out, i wonder what your gunna do to hide it.

  3. Kia Ora Bull and kia kaha Tania: I agree — Tuheitia did not write this — – he does not have the skill or thinking capability to write it — another puppet did — and look at the 'acting' chair today – his other puppet – greg miller — power corrupts —

    the corruption – which started with 'bob mahuta' aka as tex ormsby – continues perpetuated by a small number of males — remember mahuta/ormsby had 75 different bank accounts when the books were finally forced open — remember how much dosh they all spent on themselves, flash cars, credit cars, suits and their cousins went begging — makes me sick — spending beneficiary money on themselves — remember tuheitia demanded double the amount of money te ata had previously; but gave no reasons for the demands or the unjustified increase == and the people went without food and clothing and warm clean housing — they were powerless –they are rolled up to hui in black and in buses — they are continually lied to – the facts are continually misrepresented to them —

    Maori tv interview — tuku was angry – he was too angry to answer the questions – he was lying through his double teeth and could not find the rationale to explain his butt out of the hole Tania exposed him sitting in- he is bob mauhta — aka text ormsby – incarnate —

  4. firstly anybody could have wrote this, and said that they were king tuhetia.

    secondly why is there so many stories about this issue.

    i watched the episode of native affairs, and in my opinion tuku couldnt even answer all the questions, it also looked like he was getting angry at what the presenter was asking him…. now what does this show???

    maybe tuku is hiding something….

    is that what tainui people do when members seek answers or curiosity SACK THEM..

    first hemi rau earlier in the yer now tania…

    i wouldnt put a pass if tainui has been spending allot of money anyway look at all the new cars the king gets. they aint the cheap models either.

    kia kaha tania. stand up for your right. as for you king tuheitia your a hypocrite. look at your self before judging other people.

  5. If Tuheitia actually wrote this BS nonsense then the sky is red

    Mrs Martin now has valid grounds to bring legal action against Te Kauhangahui and oh guess what — Tuheitia

    Tuheitia has no mandate — he is supposed to be apolitical — what's he doing — being a puppet to tuku and his cronies — Tuheitia has no power to appoint or dismiss anyone — perhaps he needs to have the law read to him

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