May 15, 2021

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Maori economy expected to grow significantly

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The Maori economy currently produces about 5 per cent of New Zealand’s economic output and this will grow as the asset base owned by Maori grows, Business and Economic Research Ltd (Berl) said.

“Today the Maori economy is an integral part of the New Zealand economy and spans several industries. In the Berl model of the New Zealand economy, there are 16 industries incorporating the Maori economy,” said in an article titled The Maori Economy – A Sleeping Giant About to Awaken?

Maori control up to 37 per cent of New Zealand’s domestic fishing quota and about 36 per cent of the country’s pre-1990 forests.

Farming also continues to be a key part of the Maori economy.

Beyond “the three Fs” other key sectors in the Maori economy include manufacturing, business services.

“As the asset base continues to grow, the opportunity for the Maori economy to grow and contribute more to New Zealand’s GDP is a positive for both Maori and non-Maori,” the article said.

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