May 12, 2021

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March in solidarity with Rapanui whanaunga

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Greenpeace’s political advisor is encouraging Maori to turn out for a protest in Wellington today against Chile’s crack-down on indigenous protest on Rapanui-Easter Island.

Mike Smith from Ngapuhi has taken on the role after several years of trying to raise awareness in Maori communities of climate change.

He says environmental and indigenous struggles are closely linked, which is why there’s a march this morning from the Wellington Railway Station to the Chilean Embassy in Bolton St.

Their military and police force are shooting unarmed civilians in Rapanui at the moment and of course those are our cousins. We cant just stand by and let them be attacked militarily like they are. Theyre not an armed insurrection and theyre being shot up, Mr Smith says.

He’s had an interest in environmental politics since joining the Values Party in the 1970s … even before he got into treaty activism.

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