May 16, 2021

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NZ’s top Model Danielle Hayes on Christmas

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(Stuff) Today Danielle Hayes, New Zealand’s Next Top Model 2010 winner, talks about her favourite summer memories and what she wants for Christmas.

1. What are your plans for this summer ?

Hopefully hang out with family and friends, learn how to paddle board, tan, eat and have lots of fun before the hard work begins!

2. Who are you spending Christmas Day with and what will you be doing?

I’ll be doing the same old thing I do every Christmas, spending it with my family. We usually have a Christmas lunch which involves either a BBQ or hangi and the traditional kumara dish. Yum-mo.

3. What’s your favourite summer memory? Did you have family holidays as a child? Where were they?

As I was growing up, we as a family, spent a lot of time together and we still do till this day. We would go to the beach and fish, go diving, play cricket on the beach, go play golf and do family stuff. My most memorable summer memory was when one Christmas we went to my nan’s in Opotiki and we played soccer in the rain. It’s a plain memory but it’s very vivid in my thoughts.

4. What’s the worst thing about the summer holidays for you?

Mosquito bites! And bad tan lines.

5. What tunes will you be listening to this summer?

I’ll be bringing back my Jason Mraz hits. Love his music, it’s so summer like. Oh and a bit of Florence! [and the Machines].

6. What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

It’s hard to say, but a few years ago I received a Canon 450DSLR camera (very flash). I was so stoked that day!

7. What do you hope Santa is bringing you this Christmas?

A new MacBook and iPhone.

8. What’s your best tip for surviving the silly season?

Have as much fun as possible, take a lot of photos and be safe.

9. If you had to spend Christmas on a desert island who, and what, three things would you take?

Depending on who got me into that situation, I would take that person. I’d take a lighter, a knife and some Coronas.

10. Finally, what was your highlight of 2010?

My journey on New Zealand’s Next Top Model was definitely my highlight this year.

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  1. Hi Daneille

    I am so happy you made it, I just couldn't believe it strait up bro Congratulation. I hope I get to posed next to you one day….Lol

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