May 9, 2021

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Applications open now – Leadership programme funded by the Ministry of Health is available for people working in public health roles.

What have people said about their experience of the 2010 PHLP –

I am “being” a different leader. I am real, honest, committed, and open. I use those values in every moment of my work, in the decisions I make, in the language that I use, and in the way that I think.

Since beginning the Public Health Leadership programme my thinking and my actions have changed. In essence, I have developed an internal ‘leadership’ radar. I’ve found myself critically analysing my thought processes and what I do and say with regard to many of the tools I’ve learnt throughout the programme.

In summary, the Public Health Leadership Programme has equipped me with strategies, new ways of thinking and practical tools for developing my leadership competencies.

What is the PHLP?

The Public Health Leadership Programme (PHLP)is a six-day residential leadership programme, delivered as three two-day sessions, designed specifically for public health leaders in New Zealand. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Health and has been developed following extensive consultation with the sector.

The PHLP builds competencies identified as important for leaders in public health and allows participants to discover their leadership potential and equips them with practical and tested leadership tools and resources. PHLP will generate immediate and lasting benefits for participants, those they lead, and for public health.

Applications close on 21 February 2011

See the attached brochure for more information or complete an online application through

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