May 11, 2021

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Racist attack on 15 year old Maori boy in Christchurch

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Maori Party MP for Te Tai Tonga Rahui Katene is urging the police, leaders and the communities of Christchurch to put a stop to racist attacks, following skinheads stabbing and beating a 15-year-old Maori boy.

The police have described it as a racist attack.

This is not a good look for Christchurch. It should be a place where tangata whenua and all people of different diverse cultures should feel safe.

This attack happened on a weekend when one if my sons was visiting Christchurch. I shudder to think he could have been the victim if we had gone to the park instead of the movies that evening.

It makes me think twice about inviting my children and grandchildren to stay with us again until the skinhead problem has been dealt with.

The Maori Party does not tolerate hate crimes based on race but believes the best way to deal with it is through restorative justice.

7 thoughts on “Racist attack on 15 year old Maori boy in Christchurch

  1. I grew up in Christchurch. Have had my fair share of run ins with the skinheads. The most miss guided assumption is that they are just a group of racist people, this is true but people forget they are also an actual gang! Just like any other gang, don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. I now live in the North Island and there are skinheads here as well. Maori can be just as racist.. when I came to the north island and had pakeha friends around, people would say "why did you bring that baldhead here, should we give him a hiding". I've seen people getting beaten up in Christchurch by Maori just for being white, yet there's no mention of that?? I don't believe there is a problem in Christchurch, if there is.. it goes both ways! It's just the same as any other city in NZ, you have people who are racist no matter where you go!! I'm sick of people telling me they wouldn't visit Christchurch because they're afraid of being attacked by skinheads. Every Maori who's ever been raised there, knows exactly what I'm talking about. Some people just need to grow some balls and get over it koz no city is perfect.

  2. What good is :"restorative Justice""??Oh,poor Boy ,please dont do that again?Better they should be shown in public ,a bit of humiliation and or a damn good hiding might help these scutbags to straighten their path up a bit!!Goddamn System all for the poor,misunderstood offender,not unfortunatly the victims with their marks an scars that dont heal

  3. This is nothing new in CHCH nor Timaru or Nelson for that – CHCH has been the heart of redneck white bigotry for as long as I can remember…I am dark skinned Pakaha and could feel the hate in the air last time I was there.

  4. How many marches against racism do we have to have before this city acknowledges what is going on here. How many women have to be attacked and have their scarfs ripped off their heads and their children frightened, and how many Asians have to put up with aggressive racist comments from people who call themselves human. It is not good for people to suffer from racial attacks, and it is not good that the police have tried to dilute the seriousness of these attacks by stating that these attacks are not a good look for this city.

  5. When we took our youth diversity forum to Chch, a group of our ethnic rangatahi, from China, India, Iraq, Sri Lanka, were walking around town and got racially abused 3 times in the space of one hour. Chch sort your peeps out!

  6. I can't believe that after an attack on this lad that the police said this not a good look for Christchurch. Never mind Police focusing on the abstract. Big ups to the Police for describing it as a racist attack. Normally they don't, so I a…ppreciate how difficult it would have been to admit such a thing. The sooner Police, Bob the builder and other govt departments admit to Christchurch being one of the most racist cities in NZ, the sooner we can all start to help in changing it. Some of you will know that in order for change to come about, one has to admit that there is something wrong.

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