May 12, 2021

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Tamaki Makaurau hui reaffirms Maori Women Leadership

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An Auckland group of Maori women, Te Wharepora Hou, are also calling for better representation of wahine across leadership forums.

Their statement echoes the challenge raised just this week by the newly formed national organisation of Maori women, Te Whaainga Wahine.

Auckland group Te Wharepora Hou has established itself alongside Te Whaainga Wahine. Te Wharepora Hou met for the first time last Thursday in Grey Lynn. The group affirmed their commitment to seeking social and political justice for Maori women.

This first hui acknowledged Maori women as one of the most vulnerable groups whose indigenous and human rights are far too often not realised. Participants again highlighted the need for wahine to be acknowledged as leaders in all decision making processes that impact on whenua, wh?nau and hap? wellbeing.

Te Wharepora Hou will provide a platform for Auckland wahine to seek solutions for their concerns and plan local action to compliment national action. They will meet again on 14 December and will continue to link with Te Whaainga Wahine in implementing their strategies.


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