May 7, 2021

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With a deadline for the tribes Disputes Resolution Process falling due today and still no response received from Tania Martin, Waikato-Tainui Te Arataura Chair Tukoroirangi Morgan has raised serious questions about her integrity.

This is a woman who has been trumpeting a cause to bring greater scrutiny and transparency to the reporting of Te Arataura and yet since being notified of the triggering of a tribal disputes process she appears quite willing to ignore the rules and processes guiding the very Parliament she was tasked to chair.

The Disputes Process was triggered in a letter delivered by hand to Tania Martin on 30 November, which required the parties to resolve the dispute within 10 days.

Tania Martin has attempted to portray herself as a campaigner for greater accountability and yet she has refused to accept responsibility for a Report that has undeniably brought this tribe into disrepute. She chooses to act in a way that goes against the very objects for which Te Kauhanganui was established.

Those objects include to uphold, support, strengthen and protect the Kiingitanga and to protect, advance, develop and unify the interests of Waikato-Tainui, said Mr Morgan.

Mr Morgan has tried unsuccessfully to meet on several occasions with Tania Martin and is deeply disappointed with her continuing no shows.

Mrs Martins failure to meet the deadline gives rise to a mediation process. The Chair of Te Arataura has recommended Judge Heta Hingston as the independent mediator and asked for an urgent meeting.

Tania Martin deliberately misled our King and Paramount Chief when she said she was getting medical treatment, but instead was being interviewed in Hamilton by Wena Harawira, a Maaori Television reporter. Martin has also not told the truth about her acknowledgment of gross mistakes and errors of judgment to the Kahui Ariki representative Mr Greg Miller.

She solemnly promised our King that she would work collaboratively and cooperatively with Te Arataura and Te Kauhanganui, and committed herself to promoting a culture of inclusiveness at a recent meeting involving Kiingi Tuheitia , myself and several key advisors.

She professes to believe in the principles and the kaupapa of the Kiingitanga and yet acts in a way that forces our King to intervene in this dispute to restore order and balance.

She has shown no remorse, no humility, no judgment and no respect – to her King, Te Kauhanganui, Te Arataura or to her Iwi. It calls into question her fitness to occupy any position in this Iwi, let alone aspire to the position of such responsibility as Chair of our tribal Parliament.

Te Arataura welcomes a comprehensive review of its activities, but not by a team led by Tania Martin whose complete disregard for the rules and proper process disqualifies her in any shape or form.

Tania Martin should show some integrity and, apologise. She needs to show by her actions that she has respect for the processes, institutions and tikanga of this tribe. She must follow the rules and procedures adopted by Te Kauhanganui for the resolution of Disputes and accept mediation.

I for one am sick of this whole unnecessary affair. The sooner this is put behind us the better for the tribe and all concerned, Mr Morgan said.

We have far greater business to get on with.


Waikato Tainui comprises 33 hapuu, 68 marae and 58,000 tribal members. In 1865 colonial forces crossed the Mangataawhiri River and invaded the Waikato. More than 1.2 million acres was confiscated and the people of Waikato were forced into an exile that lasted 20 years.

In 1995 the first Waikato-Tainui settlement over lands was signed with the Crown. In 2008 the Waikato River Deed of Settlement was signed, with enhanced co-management arrangements finalised in 2009. The completion of the Waikato River Claim will see the tribe having a co-governance role over New Zealands largest river. Negotiations over the tribes remaining outstanding claims including West Coast harbours are expected to commence over the next year.

In 2010 Waikato-Tainui reported a net profit of $18.6 million and revenue growth of 11.5 per cent. Total assets were $644 million. Grants totalling $4.4 million were paid to 1766 individuals and groups.

For further information contact:

Kirk MacGibbon
Waikato-Tainui Communications Unit.
Email: [email protected].
Mob: 0211 355 969


  1. "TANIA MARTIN SNUBS HER OWN TRIBAL PARLIAMENT’S RULES" is a totally misleading headline conjured up by the Tainui propaganda unit as there was no dispute at all. This is just a one way effort by Tuku Morgan and his cronies to put crap on Tania Martin because she dared question the financial affairs of Tainui. Check out the report at

  2. Kia Kaha Tania! I am proud of Tania's mana to face Tuku. The question that should be answered is WE need to get Tuku out of the Tainui Trust before he ruins Tainui altogether!! or answer this question WHY WAS HE KICKED OUT OF PARLIAMENT??? he is to pigheaded and greedy and not even thinking of what the iwi needs. What man would go around to the iwi and tell them to vote against Tania? COME ON TAINUI get rid of him.

  3. Waikato-Tainui: Wahine Ma

    Tu Kaha, Tu Rangatira-pena i nga tupuna whaea o mua ake.

    Stand up and be Counted as did Te Puea, Eva and Te Ata.

    Me kaha tatou ki te manaaki i a Tania i roto i nga peehitanga a nga tangata whakapae. E hara nona te he! Me tu rangatira hoki tatou kia kore ai te mana o Te Kauhanganui i whakaitihia . Paimarire

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