May 15, 2021

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Top 2010 Maori YouTube videos!

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Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world (after Google of course) – there are 241,920 minutes of video uploaded every day!

In May of this year YouTube was viewed over 2 billion times a DAY! So with those kind of stats we though it’d be cool to check out what Maori are doing there, what is popular, what is hot.

Have a look at the vids we’ve compiled for 2010 and if you have suggestions korero mai, comment below!

Maori Boy – JGeeks and the Geeks –182,985 views (in 3 weeks)

This video has been “trending” hard since it was uploaed 3 weeks ago, it is the #1 most viewed video in New Zealand this month and #68 most discussed NZ video of all time. By reaching 100,000 hits on YouTube in 10 days they are the only NZ Music Artist in history to have done this

Poi E – Patea Maori Club – 608,518 views (in 4 years)

Poi E has been rising up the charts for the last 4 years and the popularity of the vid is a tribute to the Patea Maori Club – Taranaki HARDCORE!

Taika Waititi’s new Poi E video from the hit movie Boy – 211,436 views combined (in 7 months)

This remix got people pumped and helped to increase sales of Poi e significantly – chur Taika!

Haka – Maori dance – 11,264,063 views (in 4 years)

Although this isn’t necessary one of our favourite videos the number of views is enormous. So really it had to be included! Interestingly the French LOVE this vid, it’s like the number 1 most discussed and viewed vid in the French Sports category, hmmmm.

Movie trailer for – Boy by Taika Waititi –201,390 views (in 10 months)

Boy has gone on to become the #1 NZ movie of all time, so it makes sense that the views would reflect this hilarious, touching tribute to a Maori boy growing up on the East Coast.

I’m Hungry – Melodious McDonalds Order +lyrics 55,933 (in 1 year)

Gotta love it!

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