May 7, 2021

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Wahine Maori fight for the Human Right to Housing

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Three wahine Maori , Robyn Winther, Huia Tamaka and Billy Taylor fighting Housing NZ attempts to evict them from their homes because of their gang connections. They have had their appeal dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

This has been a long and arduous fight through the court system. Te Wharepora Hou would like to congratulate these women for their tenacity & strength in fighting these evictions all the way to the Court of Appeal.

Attacks on the civil rights of gang members & their so called associates are thinly veiled attacks onflax roots Maori.

Housing New Zealandis a public body. The Bill of Rightsapplies to every decision it makes. The right to housing is a basic human right. These wahinehave fought for shelterforthemselves and their tamariki. Housing New Zealand has no right to trample over the freedom of expression and freedom of association ofthese women andthe 13 tamariki that they care for between them.

We are witnessing the abandonment by the government of any responsibility for people’s welfare. The treatment of these women looks like another step towards the future privatisation of HNZ.

Huia Tamaka, 33, said today she was trying to keep her spirits up for her six children.

I’m a bit shattered. It’s so unfair. I haven’t done anything wrong. [HNZ] know no-one’s going to house us after this. I’ve got nowhere else to go, so it’s to the bitter end for me. I can’t give in, I’ve got the kids to think of.”

After hearing the ruling yesterday the three women vowed to fight on.

Te Wharepora Hou wishes to give them and their tamariki our unqualified support


Sina Brown-Davis
[email protected]
: temoananuakiwa

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