May 10, 2021

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Waikato-Tainui executive backs down over sacking, Tania Martin reinstated

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(Radio NZ) The executive body of Waikato-Tainui has reinstated the chair of the iwi’s parliament Te Kauhanganui, conceding her dismissal by King Tuheitia was not lawful.

Tania Martin was dismissed by the King after she wrote a report criticising spending by the executive, Ta Arataura.

She sought an injunction from the High Court claiming her dismissal was unconstitutional and in violation of the rules governing Te Kauhanganui.

Ms Martin claimed that only the parliament, as representatives of the 66 marae of Waikato-Tainui, could remove her.

In the High Court on Tuesday, the executive told the judge it recognised Ms Martin as the duly elected chair of Te Kauhanganui and she was entitled to conduct business and exercise the powers of the position until such time she was either removed by the parliament or resigned.

The man appointed by the King in her place has also agreed that he will not be taking up the position.

Ms Martin had wanted the court to issue orders to back her up but Justice Rodney Hansen declined, saying the assurances given by the executive returns the situation to the status quo and should be enough.

The judge left the door open for Ms Martin to pursue the injunction to a full hearing in the new year.

King Tuheitia on Tuesday maintained his withdrawal of support for Ms Martin.

In a written statement, he says the unnecessary action and pain that Ms Martin has inflicted on Waikato-Tainui caused him to lose confidence in her ability to fill the role.

2 thoughts on “Waikato-Tainui executive backs down over sacking, Tania Martin reinstated

  1. Kia ora. Nice to see that there is a fair & just society out there after all. Well done.

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