May 15, 2021

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Opinion: Whos in the Kings court? | Te Prophet

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The declaration by Kingi Tuheitia to dismiss the Chair of Te Kauhanganui provides little confidence for Tainui whanui and the rest of the motu. An obvious question unanswered at this stage, what would his mother Piki have done in a similar situation?

Even when Sir Bob was alive, certain formalities would have been acknowledged. First do not bring the King into any disrepute and secondly do not compromise Tainui mana in front of iwi.

These matters were always dealt with behind closed doors or at least discussed in private and solemn advice was always assured. Which brings me to the third point. The change of guard brought new perspectives and insights into the inner circle of the Kingitanga.

History records that Iwakau proclaimed his cousin Te Wherowhero as king after iwi agreed. Iwi decided the king movement, not Tainui. Yet like other paramount chiefs, the court ensured consensus amongst rangatira. Tuheitia court is exercising its rights, its voice to speak on behalf of the King. However like any court different factions exist to promote its own position and influence. It is reasonable to assume that adverse behaviour exists and opportunities unrealised are being maximised by a select few.

Unfortunately the complication resides in the inability of the many to recognise the subtle nuiances that reasonate amongst their own. And questioning this perceived inaction weighs heavily on honest shoulders who carry the hope of hapu and whanau.

Nevertheless only through humility can aspirations be achieved and bridging economic prosperity with social wellbeing is a realistic goal if commitment is communicated across all marae within te rohe potae.

Te Prophet

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