May 7, 2021

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Another view from the floor – inside the Waikato Tainui Decision

2 min read has been told that the vote against the motion to dismiss chairperson Tania Martin, chairperson of Te Kauhanganui, was significant with 32 against, 21 for and 7 abstained or unclear on the motion to dismiss Tania Martin.

As a contributor astutely pointed out: “I’m assuming that’s marae, though that would be 6 short, right?”

Here is an eyewitness account of the proceedings:

“Koro Wetere chaired the meeting and oversaw the speeches that Tuku and Tania had to give. I was pleased that Koro was given this task as I heard out in the foyer that Tuku was wanting the incompetent right wing ex Vice President Maori Ken Hingston to chair the meeting.

“I can not find any proper reason why Tuku would be inviting Ken Hingston into Waikato – Tainui affairs other then this being part of the corporate plan to continue to get cosy with the right wing side of the Maori Party; further isolating Hone Harawira’s influence over our membership.”

“The atmosphere in the foyer of the chambers was cordial amongst those who were there to support either Tania or Tuku. It was great to be there and bare witness to a momentous day in the history of the Kingitanga and another page to fill the archives of all the tribes associated with this league: Waikato – Ngaati Maniapoto, Ngaati Raukawa and Hauraki.”

“I congratulate those in the chamber that saw this task out and who cast a courageous vote that to some, may be seen as a vote against King Tuheitia but I don’t see it as simple as this.”

“It represented what is the heart of the Kingitanga and that is the tribe not an executive corporate body that assumed a position and a stance that they should never have ventured to take.”

“I take faith in the words said by Te Atairangikaahu:

“Kingitanga stands for the love we bear for one another. It tells when we are right and what is right. It stands for Mana Motuhake, the importance of our faith in ourselves under God. It draws us back, always to have respect for orderly conduct according to both M?ori custom and the law of the land …” Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu”

“So now the task is should those sitting on Te Arataura keep their positions? I say this has to seriously be reviewed…”

Another Tainui Waikato member who attended the hui commented that the process was a difficult one saying:

“Tania was strong, although the waiting for result of votes was hard and was evident on the faces of all Tania’s whanau and Tania. The outcome was great for her making her mark in the sand on this occasion, as a strong Maori Wahine doing what was right, that was reflected in the outcome in favour of her. Making Tuku accountable I think and the processes democratic, open and transparent was always the kaupapa here.”

Where you there? Let us know your thoughts on what you witnessed.

2 thoughts on “Another view from the floor – inside the Waikato Tainui Decision

  1. Im so ashamed of the minoriy of people who protested from our marae stepping on the mana of our Kaumatua and Representatives of Hiona Marae. What has Tania Martin done to deserve all this so proud to stand tall beside her she has mana. What has she done wrong. The outcome was so overwhelming. Tania you have always been their for our people…

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