May 8, 2021

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Australian Govt agrees to give flood relief support to Maori and New Zealanders

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It has been announced that the Australian Government has made the decision to change its criteria and give relief support to Maori and New Zealanders affected by the Queensland floods.

The Maori Party strongly supported the move saying so many of our people living in Australia, and their relatives here in Aotearoa, have asked us for support so we took their cry for help to the Prime Minister, Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said.

Were very pleased that the Government has managed to persuade the Julia Gillard administration to make payments available so our people, regardless of when they moved across the Tasman, are not left homeless and hungry.

The change in criteria now meant that New Zealanders, who moved to Australia after February 26, 2001, were eligible to get support from the Australian Government. Adults can claim $1000 under the scheme while children are entitled to $400.

It was not known how many Maori or New Zealanders have been directly affected by the floods but numbers were likely to be significant as Brisbane had the highest Maori population (16,536) of all Australian cities. There were 31,078 Maori people living in the wider Queensland state.

2 thoughts on “Australian Govt agrees to give flood relief support to Maori and New Zealanders

  1. You guys are dicks!
    Shame on YOU for writing about Maori and New Zealanders as an ‘US and THEM’ category.

    My grandfather who brought me up was a maori, but he was more than that.
    He was a New Zealander. He was a real maori with probably more maori blood in him than some of you wannabes,
    He was also proud to be a New Zealander and he taught me how to accept all cultures, and to include all people who live in NZ as ‘US’

    I’m glad i live in Australia, if anything just to get away from twits like you!
    It is a good thing that you don’t speak for all Maori eh?

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