May 9, 2021

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Complaint against Hone Harawira revealed

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UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the complaint laid by the Ministers to the Maori Party President Pem Bird is related to the article from the Sunday Star Times.

In an article online today on Stuff, Pem Bird said: “I have communicated with Hone Harawira to inform him of the complaint, and I have sent him a copy of the complaint,” Mr Bird said.

Mr Bird continues “If the hui cannot resolve the issue it would then go to the party’s disciplinary disputes committee.”

10.20am | has just spoken to MP Hone Harawira about the recent complaint he received from the Maori Party President, Pem Bird. The Maori Party member for Tai Tokerau received the complaint on Tuesday from Waiaraki MP Te Ururoa Flavell, supported by Te Tai Tonga MP Rahui Katene, and Maori Party co-leaders Dr Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia.

It has since been revealed that this communication was done via a conference call late last night. A commentator said “this is not a very kaupapa-Maori way of doing things”. We can also reveal say that Mr Harawira only received a copy of the complaint after the fact and that he has not received a copy of the Press Statement as issued by Party President Pem Bird.

Mr Harawira is currently in route to Te Tai Tokerau and will be meeting with his constituents this evening. has been told that a formal response may be provided sometime tomorrow.

Support for Hone is strong on social networks with one staunch supporter saying:

Regardless of the complaint, here is a man who without thought of consequence for himself or his job has put himself in the frontline for the good and betterment of our people time and time again. It is because of Hone that I still believe in the Maori Party and their potential to make a real difference. Shame on those other members who I’m sure were not encouraged to complain by their own constituents. Shame on you.

33 thoughts on “Complaint against Hone Harawira revealed

  1. Somebody essentially lend a hand to make severely articles I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this actual submit incredible. Wonderful activity!

  2. Kia Ora Hone

    It was sad to read some comments that clearly do not support you and your stance for the tangata whenua of these lands. Some people need to get off their high horses and get down to reality and maybe look up the meaning of tangata whenua and then you might figure out that we maori have a history to these lands that spans far, far more than people give us credit for. Sorry to say this, but the land has always belonged to the tangata whenua. Thats the way our ancestors left it This was confirmed in the 2004 decision by Chief Justice Shaun Elias. No sooner that happened did the Government panic and come up with the Foreshore/Seabed Act. When will people realise that this country is in dire straits and the only hope is if the tangata whenua stand up and force a much needed change for the benefit of all who live within Aotearoa lands. In fact if Hone decides to run independent he will have mine and my hapu "nga uri o Rongomai ki Hauraki o Te Pa-tu-ta-tahi te Iwi votes and support.

    Kia Kaha Hone

  3. The Price of Milk, The Price of Food, The Price of Petrol, The PMs wage rise, The Governments decision to purchase 34 new BMWs, The Takutai Moana Bill, The sale of state assets, The Milk issue, Bro you got it going on, aint no one else qualified to deal with Maaori issues Kuz, 4 Maaori By Maaori, Maaori Party who? You gave them the answer Kuz, but they chose a 25,000 dollar lawyer and a pakeha system, Wot!! Land issues forestry issues Maaori issues Kuz, Back to our Marae, Back to our People, didnt Tariana swear alegiance to the People? Bro Stay Hard Stay Strong Whanau got your Back Kuz Oh!! yes NO WAGE RISES HUH!!! and to all the moaners get a LIFE. Is John Key The Mokopuna of Hitler? much Luv Kuz. FTMP…

  4. Kia Ora Hone. It is indeed sad when the Maori Party begins to isolate one of their own in a system which has been designed to shut down and ignore full rights to MAORI. This system patronises Maori and continually ignores the right of MAORI. You have continued to stand against a system which strips our rights as a people and I can't see how you can do that without punches been thrown. For what we have lost as a people, KIA ORA Hone for standing to get that back. YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Kia Kaha)

  5. Kia Ora Brotha Hone. Bro today I watched your inetrview with Jodi Ihaka. Today I saw THe Man that is goin to be the new leader for the maori youth bro. I was dissapointed in the waY THAT jODI iHAKA WAS ASKING QUESTIONS about your actions regarding the white muthafuckrs and dickheads comments. I would rather have heard her ask question that address some of the core issues that you have raised Takutai Moana Bill, Poverty not only in the far north but for all maori and in that case all nzers. POverty NO JObs Lack of housing poor acces to other services health social and education disparities. Bro I dont think the so called maori party heirachy understand that there are young maori out here who will alwayz contest Local Concils, Regional Government and Crown agencies regarding rights of entitlement and beneficial interest in maori land. Bro I will support you should you start another party. I will march for you should it go that way. I will support you WHY becaue your voice is the root of the fruit of the people not only in tetai tokerau but for me for all maori. Your voice is the true maori voice. The voice to contest, the voice to disagree, the voice to stand against this imeprial facists corparate state that JOhn Key sipports IMF & World Bank. Bro can you please contest John Key on the sale of National Assets. It does a disservice to the futrue of all kiwi. By selling our energy producing assets the future generation will not receive any residual returns becuse the assets have been sold to foreign interests and the propoganda is that it is to service debt. DEBT is the real cause of inflationary pressure. We borrow 250million per wek 1 billion per mth 12 billion annually. NOw John Key and Bill English are listenibng to international monetary policy that comes frm the IMF and world bank and for that matter Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve. By borrowing we are putting our countries assets base at risk by not being able to meet repayment shcedules. Now the govt does not want to pay their contributions into Kiwi Saver as you can see the Govt has reduced it;s contribution to 2%. I’tnot sustainable but yet the kiwi people are stillbeing sold the dog. The real value of NZ asssets lies in GDP and not the CPI. CPI affects food prices and data from this can be manipulated to show false growth HOW? Will CPI shows how much money people are spending on consumer goods. Now normally people would spend savings or wages on goods or services. Now over xmas media reported an increase in spending. What they dont say is that peopl were not using cash alot of the times but creditr cards that create more debt through 30% interest on late payments. So there is growth under CPI but not thrugh job creation but through debt. GDP is the amount of goods we manufacture to export. Well we inport more than weexport nz is now a service economy and not manufacturing. what does this mean WELL manufacturing requires an economy with the skill base to manufacture. alot of these skills are being lost to austrailia. Nz is a service economy which means our children wil be working for peanuts in jobs like mcdonalds. pak n save countdown burger king. These are corporate global facists that want a low wage economy operating with no rights to fight for working conditions and awards. Alot of the corporate facists dont allow UNIONS on sight and with the 90 day bill there will be no need to keep you once they are done. WHAT does this mean for maori. Look at Egypt, Venezuela where the voice of the people beat the CIA and their cronie Coup. If we as maori as kiwis as people work together as 1 voice we can make change we can say NO to Asset sales NO to foreign investment. Bro these issues need to be addressed. Bro you are not alone what you are doing is a great thing I hear and feel the love brotha Kia Kaha Bro you are doing well Jah Love Jah Bless Jah Rastafari phineazz273 PTA Sth Taranaki reprezent hardcore MAORI 4 LIFE

  6. I live in Te Waipounamu. Wot the hell is our pathetic MP Rahui Katene doing poking her nose into Hone Harawiras business? Shes barely spoken to our people in the deep South & is now trying to support that gutless MP Flavell who is hiding behind hers & Tarianas skirt. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to work out whos been fighting for Tangata Whenua of this country, all these years. Sad to say this but Pita, Pem Bird & there pathetic party have taken the BAIT !!! Its called $$$. I am of both Pakeha & Maori parents, eligible to vote this year & ashamed of how this country is being run. Mr Harawira you have been straight up with the people, honest, face to face & no doubt, stabbed in the back 1000 times over & yet still answerable to the media freakshow. U HAVE OUR VOTES DOWN HERE, GO INDEPENDANT !!

    1. Kia ora Capri u on 2it. I voted for Rahui Katene and have not heard her say or do anything that challenges the crown position. With the maori party providing confidence and supply agreements Hone discenting vote challenges that position…

      Now the maori party are trying to isolate brotha HOne with their bullshit constitution and abandoning heir so called tikanga….

      Rahui Katene is a muppet inpersonating a puppet politician…..

      At least Hone has the ballz to speak against the corporate facists John Kuri supoorts the IMF and WORLD Bank and you know what that means…ASSET SALES…..

      Go Hone we support you all the way …..

  7. I call for the Party leadership to resign, You have behaved badly, Tariana and Pita and Pem you have hidden behind the skirts of your National Party cronies for the past year, in the face of massive opposition from your own peoples you still support the racist takutai Moana Bill, You have done nothing except to bring dissent and seperatism to the party membership, You are a disgrace. Me I will not vote for you again, I will use all my influence at every opportunity this year to encourage my Whaanau, my Hapuu and Iwi to not vote for you again.

    You have handled this "complaint" badly, You and the Bird have played this out in the media, milked it for all it is worth and still you cannot soften the resolve of the people, To turn against your own, and activist of long-standing, and person who has the respect of many across the motu, brown, brindle and white, you may as well fall on your word now.


    1. Hone has raised some valid points however Mereana why is it you only ask for Tariana Pita and Pem to resign? Te Ururoa was the one who lodged the complaint.

      Sounds like a ploy for Hone to gain leadership of the Party rather than focusing on the real issues and you sound like a space cadet. God I hope you are not the face of Hones constituency.

      I would like to read the actual complaint by Te Ururoa to know the truth. An article in the Sunday times only shares Hone's views.

      And Mr Harawira if youre so unhappy with the Maori Party (who are clearly trying hard to find middle ground with the Nats and mainstream NZ) why dont you establish your own if you have so much support.

      And bro what up with the Taitokerau tikanga on the marae (its all over the place) and some of your marae dont even have powhiri. Its well known in Tuhoe that your tikanga is a bit weird and inconsistant. You fullas need to fix up your backyard before preaching to other iwi.

      People seem to have a short memory… it was Kahungunu who instigated the hikoi against the foreshore bill and they put Peter into parliament who has done much work to revive reo for the children of Auckland (your rohe)

      It was Tariana who took the first brave step against Labour and gave up the $$$$$ Mereana when all the Labour Maori men sat back and clinged to their jobs.

      It was Pem bird who revived Te Reo in the schools of his people of Ngati Manawa and has raised the mana and hope of Murupara thus re-generating a succession plan for future generations.

      Te Ururoa has done huge mahi for Te Arawa and again HE was the one who lodged the complaint yet strangely Taitokerau are not asking for his resignation?????????????????

  8. To the Maori party leaders,

    Please, non fall a sleep,…also if you got a 'new pen' with fresh srtaw and enough to eat,…you my will stop screaming, because you stomach is full of $$$ fatened up by the National Party. But by the end of the day, you will be killed anyway, like any other pig and roasted on British barbeque….Think about.

    The fist job is to fatening that screaming 'pig,' that they are quiet,…..the National Paty's goal is, to wipe out your Nation, "no question".! I have experienced that in over sea, where I come from. The British did that there, they also will do that here, it just will take, a little bit longer.

    Maori,…weak up, start screaming again, like Hone Harawira and non draw him out from your party, because that is the first ,Victory of the National Party (British), if you split the anemy, "you" are much easier to wipe out. Be aware ! ! If you want more prove and consultation, talk to me,..I have the experiences !… I support Maori !!!

  9. What ever Maori Party MP's and leaders I read the artical, what the heck you falla's up to?

    Clearly you all been getting it Wrong, wrong , yes wrong again. And just when we the people who put you there are losing the faith HONE saves the day with his reliable astute and critical analysis of how to get back on the road in 2011 and you fallas pull a big tangiweto act. Knock it off and grow up and smell the stink place you have arrived at. Eat humble pie and suck up to Hone for a change instead of the NAT's and you might; just might mind you, be able to get out of the tiko.

    1. I will never vote for the Maori party again because of Hone Harawira, either he goes his own racist way or the Maori Party will lose a lot of votes!

      1. Hone is a disgrace to NZ, and needs to go. Don't punish the Maori party David by not voting for them…provided they get rid of this racist who undermines all decent iwi.

        1. Maori Party is a disgrace to NZ. Don't punish Hone David by not voting for him….provided they get rid of this racist party who undermines all decent Iwi.

        2. I'm sure that there's a lot of people out there that are saying the parliament is a disgrace.I know just how Hone feels and why he may react in certain situations, I can well imagine he will be copping the brunt of racism in amongst the parliament. Thats how they operate. If they can't get you one way, they'll try and break your spirit. They'll send in the expert racist club and get your ganda up. And where theres an action theres a reaction. Your only seeing what they want you to see. Any decent Iwi would be supporting his stance cause who else is standing up for our mokopuna's inheritance. No one else has got the guts.

  10. I have always thought tha conservatives will always be happy with what they got, yet you and many and many of use still feel riped off after the deals have been signed. Hone thankyou for fighting for my moko, kia ora for articulating my feelings and also my whanaus and friends.

    If the proverbial hits the fan then could you and Materia Turie consider working together she;s the BOMB!

  11. BEND OVER! Hone them buddies of yours are going to kick your butt out of there – shame on the MP yep your heads are so far up nationals large intestine you cant even see where your going…

    I hope Hone you stay in Parliament because someone with BALLS has to tell it like it is… Whanau Im with Hones daughter on this one – Im voting for Hone but the Maori party can get stuffed Im voting Greens…

  12. If the Maori Party are going to make this about process now and treat Hone in this manner….then shame to them all. Reading into this situation and aware of the inside politics of any roopu Im sure this can be resolved without having to instigate racist Pakeha disciplinary process mechanisms. Hone is sticking to Tikan’a and meeting kanohi ki te kanohi with his constituents, thats the process that is Tikan’a and Tika. Maori Party leaders you have lost sight of the vision of the people, Hone is expressing what we are ALL saying…..keep your end of the bargain Party leaders because we the people gave you the power…….and we will take it from you if you continue to SELL US OUT!…..Kirikiriroa Wahine stand with Hone Harawira, we support his stance and the truth that he speaks for our Whanau, Hapu and Iwi around the motu!….Maori Party leaders STEP DOWN!

  13. At least Hone has been consistent with his views. I admire his continued effort and committment to Kaupapa Maori. He is not afraid to make a stand in the name of all Maori people. I support him without question. Keep on going Hone.

  14. We also tautoko Hone a zillion percent and we too are out his electoral district.

    Thank you Hone for keeping true to yourself and expressing what you think. It is because of you we have faith again in the processes of Parliment. Always stay true. Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui.

  15. Hugely disappointed with Maori Party MPs. Hu do they think they are? I live outside of Taitokerau and I want my Maori Party MP to withdraw their complaint. I tautoko Hone all the way!

  16. Regardless of the complaint I agree he has himself prominently in the frontline of a failing Maori Party! Theres obviously no bridle in his mouth and there sure as hell is no signs of a kupapa sitting in his seat! The absolute disappointment of several prominent figures in The Maori Party that has shown Maoridom how easily lead they are to play the game of POLITICAL MONOPOLY with MAORI ASSETS aka TAONGA under the guise of TREATY SETTLEMENTS. That is such a gross farce should be the focus of more relevant complaints. HARAWIRA IS IN FACT CURRENTLY A LEGEND IN THE MAKING.

    1. Kia ora! Hone for your stand. I always thought Maori party would eventually regret "climbing into bed" with the Tories. Nothing much has changed since the 1840's. the descendants of the Colonisers still try the same old strategies to deprive Maori of their land, culture and language. It is indeed, disgusting that there are still Maori aiding and abetting this process, especially the 90 day trial along with the FS&SB Act.

    2. I fervently wish Hone to establish his own party and dub it 'Haramai Nga Hepi' ('Come my hither my sheep').
      I had posted on Hones site to which Arthur Harawira had conveniently replied. Posts from 6 weeks ago still remain on his site but not mine…hmmm are we not surprised that mine is difficult to find?
      So I'll reply here ne Arthur…
      You negated the facts I had mentioned on my previous post…

      1. You said No Te Taitokerau did not…
        – tono for the kingitanga
        – did not tono for Te Matatini
        – did not tono for Hone to be the new leader of the Maori Party

        1. Preceeding the ope of Tuhoe descending upon Turangawaewae the ope of Te Taitokerau had approximately 14 speakers of whom said if a king could not be chosen Te Taitokerau would gladly take on the role of Kingitanga.
        2. A speaker from TeTaitokerau stood at Te Matatini 2011 and tono-ed for the next Matatini to be held up North and was graciously declined because Te Arawa had already been chosen. But you were right about one thing you are definitely not ready to host it.
        3. Mike Hoskings interviewed Hone on Close Up asking him if he was after the leadership of the Maori Party. This was after we saw news coverage of Hone at a Hui with people who had black and white banners which read "Hone for Leader!"

        1. I agree on many issues with Hone but I do not agree with his behaviour or his pathetic political motivation to ultimately boost his own career and ego.
          Hone was one of the key people who pushed for the Maori party to create a coalition with the Nats
          Hone also requested that he have a ministerial role as part of that deal
          How timely that Hone should turn sour when his request was declined.

          1. Youre a wonderful activist Hone but a lousy politician.
            Youre pompous and clever Ill grant you that…you have sucked in alot of hepi. You have persuaded the demographic of (I want it now like a microwaved meal generation) and therefore I'll let you like technology do the thinking for me Maori youth.
            They very rarely take the time to make an informed choice. They tend to follow like hepi whatever trend seems fashionable. You are indeed fashionable Hone.

          2. Sadly you have made your point by pissing on your own friends and give the media and pakeha more to laugh about whilst striving for objective all along…to be leader.
            More than the foreshore
            more than the need for employment
            Your first agenda is to be leader!…

            Does anyone notice the pattern…almost everyone knocks the Maori Party leadership but only one percent ever mention Te Ururoa (who made the damn complaint!)

          3. I agree with a lady named Judy Sainsbury who has posted on Hones site…politics is also about the art of compromise.

            Okay so we dont join with the Nats again Hone who do we join next Labour?
            They shit on us the first time remember. Theyre all enemies.
            We have to sleep with some of them…but hey as long as were on top…we slowly assimilate them you idiots…every Maori in the Nats party and Labour party are also changing history.

            And Hone youre a Hipocrit…why arent you dogging the Kingitanga for sleeping with Labour after the foreshore bullshit???????? Nanaia Mahuta is of the Kingitanga.
            Tainui supports Labour!! Whats your opinion on that Arthur?
            Or is this the real reason why the North tono-ed for the Kingitanga???

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