May 10, 2021

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Kate Gosselin + 8 visits New Zealand

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Kate Gosselin, famous for her reality TV show in the US, Kate Plus 8, about her life raising octuplets and two older children has recently arrived complete with entourage in New Zealand.

She just recently visited Rotorua and went horseback riding and we’ve seen images of her and her children trying on piupiu (which of course in Hollywood media were called “hula grass skirts”that were “that are worn by the Maori people of the land”, we’re also told that she and the kids took part in a “native dance routine”. From the images, we think that she may have been to Te Puia (anyone see them there?)

She does have a link to Aotearoa New Zealand, as her bodyguard (who yes, she has been romantically linked to, of course) Steve Neild.

It looks like the Gosselin clan will have plenty of footage for their hit TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 by the time they go back to the States later this month, we’re hoping that they’ll be lots of cultural shots considering Tourism New Zealand’s recent decision to move away from Maori culture as a key promotional tool when promoting Aotearoa, I mean, New Zealand abroad.

If you’ve seen them around, send us your pics and tell us about it, we’re always up for a bit of gossip 😉

3 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin + 8 visits New Zealand

  1. Ignore the negative jealousy….Kate Gosselin is a pretty, hard-working mama and has done an exceptional job of raising this large family. The kids are smart, polite and having the experience of a life-time traveling courtesy of TLC.

    I admire this woman and her orgnizational skills and discipline to raise these kids and give them structure, morals and a wonderful life!

  2. I apologize for sending you this monstrous mother. The USA caught on to her exploitative, fame seeking nonsense and cannot stand her.

    Her children deserve better.

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