May 10, 2021

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Maori and non-Maori struggling for help in Queensland

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(Source | TVNZ) Kiwis living in flood ravaged Queensland are struggling to get help from the Australian government according to the editor of

More than 500,000 New Zealanders live in Australia, almost 40% of them in Queensland.

Editor Christel Broederlow says many Kiwis have lost everything and are finding they are not eligible for assistance.

Anyone who arrived after February 2001 does not qualify for a grant.

Broederlow is calling on the New Zealand government to negotiate with their Australian counterparts to have some of the criteria for funding relaxed.

Meanwhile, more than $50 million has been pledged to help clean up the devastation caused by the Queensland floods.

The Commonwealth Bank has donated $1.3 million, Coles supermarket chain has given $1 million and a similar contribution has been made by mining company BHP.

The federal and New South Wales governments have also made large donations.

Prime Minister John Key returned to work ahead of schedule to discuss how New Zealand can help the flood-ravaged region.

Civil Defence, the Fire Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as the Defence Force and police, are likely to contribute hundreds of personnel to Queensland to help.

Key said Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has expressed appreciation for New Zealand’s offers of help. The two agreed the agencies of each country would work together to ensure that any relevant assistance was made available in a timely way.

Key said they share a close relationship and Australia had stepped in to help during New Zealand’s two major disasters of 2010 – the Canterbury earthquake and the Pike River mine disaster.

Details of how to donate to the Flood Appeal.

Click here for photos of the devastation.

Note: would like to thank for helping to bring extensive coverage of the Brisbane Floods, before, during and through to the rebuild. This has helped to highlight the plight of both Maori and non-Maori from Aotearoa New Zealand living in Australia. Nga mihi.

8 thoughts on “Maori and non-Maori struggling for help in Queensland

  1. Thunderstorms, with at least 6500 lightening strikes, have been lashing flood ravaged south east Queensland since last night with residents in Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim, Somerset council areas and parts of Brisbane being told to prepare for for flash flooding.

    The sudden deluge also disrupted recovery efforts and 30,000 homes lost power.

    Emergency Management Queensland has advised people to avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters, to seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees, avoid using the telephone during the thunderstorms and beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

    More rain is forecast for the state, while the arrival of king tides, which is an especially high tide, in Brisbane could also cause more flooding.

    The death toll from the Australia floods is now 22 after the body of a three-year-old boy was recovered from New South Wales flood waters.

    The boy, who Channel 9 named as Peter, apparently wandered off from his home around 7am yesterday and his mother noticed shortly after. A searcher found his body just metres from his home 12 hours later.

    The death was reported in the small community of Marthaguy, north-west of Dubbo, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

    More towns across Victoria now face isolation as a quarter of the state remains affected by flooding and the Wimmera River continues to rise.

    Authorities and the Australian army are in the process of evacuating residents in Dimboola in the state's north-west.

    The Wimmera was expected to peak today and as many as 50 homes were at risk of inundation.

    Dimboola town residents, many of whom are farmers, say the water is a growing nightmare and lost crops and damage to infrastructure would just keep adding to the spiralling cost of the disaster.

    "It's going to hurt us fairly bad actually," local farmer Robert Glatz said.

    A relief centre has been set up at the Dimboola Secondary College.

    Further north-west, emergency crews are continuing work on the town's main levee at Kerang, which has been completely cut off by flood waters.

    The levee in the town has held off floodwaters, but only just and protected the town after the Loddon River reached its peak.

    So far a nursing home has been evacuated and the Murray Valley Highway also remains closed for up to three days.

    Many among the town's 3500 population were evacuated yesterday, as fears rose the levee could be breached.

    About 1000 Kerang residents evacuated to a relief centre in the NSW town of Barham after an emergency alert was issued.

    SES acting operations director Tim Wiebusch said it may not be safe for residents to return for up to three days.

    At Horsham, water levels are receding after 21 properties were flooded.

    Between 400 and 500 properties there have been isolated and many homes were saved by good preparation and sandbagging.

    At Warracknabeal, water levels have also stabilised and no houses have been flooded.

    Floods until next week

    Authorities say Victoria's record floods could continue into next week, as more communities in the north and northwest of the state remain on alert for rising waters.

    Flooding has now affected 62 towns and more than 4300 people since heavy rain fell over one quarter of the state last week, while major flood warnings remain for the Wimmera, Avoca and Loddon rivers.

    Residents of Kerang, Cohuna, Swan Hill and their surrounding districts have been advised to prepare for possible widespread power outages.

    An electricity substation about a kilometre from central Kerang remains under threat and would affect an estimated 20,000 people if it becomes inundated.

    Emergency Services Minister Peter Ryan said the floods are far from over with waters expected to keep travelling north in the next 10 days.

    "This is without doubt the most significant flood in Victoria in the north and the northwest regions since records began, something in the order of 130 years ago," he said.

    "This flooding is likely to continue into next week in many of our communities."

    Police have begun to clamp down on irresponsible behaviour – such as swimming in the unpredictable waters.

    "All sorts of tragedies have happened already and we certainly don't want any more," Senior Constable Peter Henry of the Victoria Police said.

  2. Wow ! This is like a case of 'no room at the inn'. It's not a question of space at the inn though, it's a heart issue and if we have space in the heart for Kiwi flood victims.

  3. From Christel Broederlow :

    NZ CITIZENS QLD/OZ FLOOD VICTIMS: Permanent Residents directly affected by the Floods in QLD, NSW and VIC who are struggling to get any Disaster Relief/Aid. We are doing everything we can to try and get help for you from the NZ & Australian Governments, but need your stories.

    Please contact Christel on 0433814485 or email [email protected]

  4. NZ flood victims may be denied emergency funding

    New Zealanders forced from their homes in the Queensland floods have been told they are not eligible for disaster recovery subsidies.

    In an email sent to the Labour Party, one New Zealander said she had spoken to officials from Centrelink, an Australian support agency, at an evacuation centre and was told that many New Zealanders were not eligible for emergency funding.

    "We were advised that hundreds of New Zealand citizens had been applying for the emergency funding … and did not fit the criteria, generally because they arrived after the 26 February, 2001," the woman wrote.

    "All they could say to these people, were to `apply anyway', yet in the same breath the Centrelink staff were finding it very distressing as they knew fair well the applicants likely would not meet the criteria, the staff felt helpless."

    The woman said she was "stunned" by the news.

    "How unfair and unjust is this ridiculous reciprocal agreement between New Zealand and Australian governments?"

    Labour leader Phil Goff said the confusion regarding what New Zealanders were entitled to had to be resolved quickly.

    "Kiwis working in Australia who have lost their homes and their jobs because of this natural disaster and through no fault of their own need help now," Mr Goff said.

    "John Key must urgently take this issue up with the Australian Government."

    – NZPA

  5. Looking beyond the merky clouds of ones large intestines…

    Hey if there is any moaning to do go back to the NZ government and in particular the Maori mp's (if their your leaders and your Maori) for not having the balls to negotiate something for those who fall under the two year stand down period they came here and checked out the situation so ask them what they've done NOTHING ID SAY!-

    Maori on this side of the Tasman have been doing somersalts for a long time trying to bridge the gap created by policy changes made some years back but hei aha still waiting (and let me add the policy changes were made in agreement with the NZ government including Maori) – for those who have been here longer than two years and you havent taken citizenship well all I can say is hei aha ano – most say nah Im not going to become an ozzie well hello peeps we are in OZ not NZ and their rules apply Im afraid – so what then? well if the NZ govt had their shit together the problem might not be as difficult as it is today – yes NZ ers do pay tax but hey until that 2 year period period no one owns you so no one gives a crack and boy thats bloody slack I know – so on a somewhat of a + note and let me say thats hard to find in this mess (because being reactive is so useless) I think its about bloody time the NZ govt and especially those Maori mp pull their fingers out from near their large intestines and start doing something to help. NZ just better start looking at bridging the gap or what?

  6. Australia and nz actually have the same trans Tasman laws if you have lived The country for 2 years or more you are able to apply.

  7. From FB: its absolute shit! nz workers over here pay taxes like everyone else, rent prices, food, petrol ect Just like everyone else. and we are not eligible for anything except family assistance and rent assistance no matter what… then this… yous lose absolutley everything and they wont help with one cent. yet illegal boat people basicaly get everything handed to them on a silver platter!

  8. From FB: The Australian Govt can eat a fat one!!! NZ citizens without a Permanent Resisdents Visa (if you arrived after 2001 this applies to you) is not eligable for any government grants including the $1k bonus they gave everyone for lose of property, power loss etc hahahaha i think thats a fuckin joke….

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