May 10, 2021

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Maori 20.11 aka The Digital Taniwha: Upgrades On!!

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Merry New Year!! Hope you and the whanau had a good break, spent some quality time together, ate some good kai, cleaned up after yourselves and formed new memories for life but now it’s back to the business – mahi on!

So this year, the Digital Taniwha will be trying that little bit harder. First though, do you like the new look of our/your site? Neat ey!! We’re trying to keeop things fresh and had to extreme makeover everything. Once we realised we had over 2000 Maori-focused articles, we thought it best if we sorted and cleaned things up.

So please, take a look around if whenever you can, leave a comment for others to read. We absolutley value your input and know that the more we all korero together, the greater our understanding.

Just wanted to quickly say KIA ORA and to let you know that it was a year ago today we went 2.0 – more interactive, more immersive and across platforms. And to say that over the next 12 months we will be uploading more news, more panui and more comments from all over Aotearoa-Te Wai Pounamu and now, the World!!

We’d also like to hear from you to know what more we can do: cover a particular story or ask questions, go back into the vaults or talk to some up and coming new talent. Whatever you would like us to do, please email here >>>

Ok whanau – so we’re heading back out into the digital paddock and will be out there until dark. Be back soon and help yourself to some fresh, hot panui.

Mauri Ora!!
TDT <blehh>

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