May 10, 2021

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Maori Facebook, Google it and find…

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A friend was Googling relevant strings of words and so we decided to do the same… First on our list was toGoogle “Maori Facebook” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” well this is what we found:

The comments about the graphic (click here) range from totally racist to enlightened and everything in between (WARNING: content will offend). The image was circulating in Feb 2008 but we haven’t seen it come up since, what struck us was not so much the sterotypes but NZers who buy into it all 🙁 What are your thoughts whanau…

2 thoughts on “Maori Facebook, Google it and find…

  1. Last year (2010) I exhausted myself fighting at the internet forefront against racist groups and ideology in our country. I surmise the difference I made to anyone or anything was a very small %. It pains me greatly when I look at and see all the fabulous things that Maori are doing and achieving and yet in mainstream we are remembered for the most negative items and events.

    Jealousy is a plague that will follow every single success of our people .. and yet .. we still hikoi towards greatness ..

    This site is just another item to step over on our way there … please don't be bothered sitting down to cry about it .. we need all our greatness at the front.

  2. As usual, the most fetid are those who think their parental rights have been usurped:

    Peter Burns

    Gender: Male

    Astrological Sign: Taurus

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Occupation: Para legal

    Location: Christchurch : Canterbury : New Zealand

    About Me

    Victim of miscarriage of justice. A normal father of four kiwi born children.

    The hair from your last haircut … what would it say about your new style?

    Where did all those grey hairs come from ?


    Family Rights Court McKenzie Friend

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