May 15, 2021

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Nothing Maori, nothing unique in NZ tourism campaign

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The Maori Party says it is a shame that Tourism New Zealand has overlooked the Maori culture in its latest marketing campaign to lure international visitors.

The Maori people, our culture and language is what makes Aotearoa New Zealand unique you will not find it anywhere else on earth yet we have been cut out of the frame in this campaign,” Maori Party tourism spokesperson Te Ururoa Flavell said.

For example, Australia, North America, Europe and Asia – where the campaign is being rolled out – had more jetboat rides, bridges and horse treks than Aotearoa could ever have, but none of those countries had a living marae, he said.

“I have to agree with statements by some tourism marketing commentators that the latest campaign lacks that X-factor and Aotearoa heart and soul.”

Mr Flavell called on Tourism NZ to incorporate into its campaign – which is yet to be rolled out to North America, Europe and Asia a unique Maori indigenous element.

“We must promote to the world that Maori culture is alive and thriving and that we welcome them to this great land.”

Faceback posts regarding this story were highly critical but used the issue as a reminder that WE need to be responsible for our own marketing (with an equal % of putea that is given to TNZ)

The following Facebook korero then followed:

With Cliff Chase asking the question:

“Why do we have to wait for them? what can we do to promote our own culture as part of a tourism packet?

Potaua Biasiny-Tule, founder, responded by saying:

Kia ora Cliff and EXACTLY! Maori Rugby celebrated its centenary last year so maybe exhibitions, guest speaker breakfasts with ex-players, concerts with local Maori bands, more marae stays (in the Economist mag, 3 cruise ships are being bro…ught to nz for accommodation) – so there are opportunities with the basics – travel, food, entertainment. What we see is that 100% Pure NZ spends taxpayer money to promote what they see as important. At the same time, we already know the score so why wait just to be sidelined? It is predicted that the RWC2011 will bring in $300m – the big question is, how can earn and work for…say…15% of that?

Shirley Allan i hear you cliff and co… however the million that was up for grabs has now closed (was only up for a month anyways)… if we want to run our own events, our own communities will need to pay for them (as usual lol)… meanwhile, the most dangerous prime minister for te ao maori to date sits in power and slowly undermines any small gains made over the past decade or two.
The conversation ended with a bit of humour….
Amber O’Neill Love this korero but I’m still laughing at the idea of ‘breeding them out’ LOL!

Further information:

  • Figures for 2007/08 indicate that approximately 7% of tourists were interested in cultural activities but did not experience one (e.g. due to time constraints, lack of awareness or information).
  • Research indicates that tourists that participate in activities with a Maori cultural element tend to stay longer and spend more.
  • Maori tourism is a unique point of difference in the global marketplace and the demand for authentic Maori tourism products is increasing.


1 thought on “Nothing Maori, nothing unique in NZ tourism campaign

  1. so whats new?..obviously it appears we are not an important element in the eyez of Tourism NZ and yet they feature a 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND marketing campaign..more so a 100% what they think is important campaign..i visit their website and i am blinded by the whiteness..i see a token gesture and find it that all they think we are..a commodity, to be traded as they see fit..we are more then never mind the X Factor maybe even an M hoa rangatira just said what about a blend of many and i tend to agree..and yes we are responsible for telling who we are but that does not take away the responsibility from our representative government sponsored body to tell it like it really is..we are after all, tangata whenua tuturu..

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