May 12, 2021

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Perspectives on Takatapui promoted in new exhibition

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(Source | Waatea News) One of the contributors to an exhibition exploring gay male identity in Maori and Samoan cultures says Polynesian culture traditionally accepted close relationships between men.

Mana Takatapui, Taera Taane, which opened at the weekend at the Wellington City Gallery, features video, sculpture and photography by Maori artists Richard Kereopa, Hoteera Riri and Fear Brampton and Samoans Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Tanu Gago.

Mr Kereopa says curator Reuben Friend was keen to show cross-cultural perspectives.

Within broader society there is a lot more acceptance that all Polynesian peoples originate from the same kind of waka really. Reuben wanted to get a good cross section of artists who could express how takatapui could be conceptualised from their own cultural backgrounds, Mr Kereopa says.

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