May 10, 2021

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Tainui decision on Tania Martin is made

2 min read has heard via our Facebook contacts, that “commonsense prevailed today with Waikato – Tainui and Ngaati Maniapoto voting to retain the elected chair of Te Kauhanganui, Ms Tania Martin” (kia ora to Mihirawhiti Searancke for this panui).

Yvonne Tahana had reported in the NZ Herald today that the extraordinary meeting was to be held today and that Te Kauhanganui would decide the fate of it’s chairwoman, Tania Martin.

As a result of intense internal conflict about roles and responsibilities, fiduciary care and accountability related to the spending within some of the tribe’s operating bodies, the High Court resolved that it would be Te Kauhanganui that would decide the issue, and representatives from 66 marae will vote to at Hopuhopu today affirm her leadership or elect someone else. They will also decide whether her actions have brought the tribe into disrepute.

The NZ Herald report suggested that it would be difficult for many of the representatives because they were essentially being called on to decide between their loyalty to the king and their own consciences. If this was the case than a clear signal is being sent in terms of the importance of transparency.

We understand that regardless of this decision, Tania Martin will face defamation action. Kia kaha e wahine toa…

It is not known whether the vote will be by secret ballot or open. Mr Morgan said that would be decided by Te Kauhanganui.

Her supporters say they can’t understand why Ms Martin is being “demonised” for doing her job.

Tainui’s executive board, Te Arataura, led by Tuku Morgan, said Ms Martin was still subject to a disputes resolution process even though she’d been fired.

Mr Morgan reiterated yesterday that Ms Martin’s report was riddled with inaccuracies.

“This is about mischief making. This factually incorrect report … has caused major damage to the tribe, to Te Kauhanganui and to kingitanga because we are inextricably bound together,” Mr Morgan said.

“As an individual that has been defamed I will be taking action against her.”

Kaumatua Meto Hopa represents Waipapa Marae. He said he was absolutely backing Ms Martin.

“I don’t know why it is that this woman has been so demonised for doing her job. Is it because she’s opened a can of worms? What is Te Arataura hiding?”

27 thoughts on “Tainui decision on Tania Martin is made

  1. Tuku is fake and he Knows it. He takahi aa ia ki te mana ou maaua ruruhi koroheke ma. Waikato, history is repeating its self both Tuhei and tuku are doing what The lady did for Tekotahi when Kingi Porima tryed to oust him. They use there Whakapapa and there education to maintain mana but unlike Te kotahi, Tuku has every thing set out for him. History is also repeating its self sale of crown assets or i like to put it sale of waikato assets i.e Coal and electricity
    Tania Martin and the rest of waikato/maniapoto, Pare hauraki and even Raukawa find out what was sacrificed in the original Tainui settlement claim learn about the settlement act and the excluded claims like the river and also 1980s Waikato Coal corp claim.and you would see what Tuku hasnt done Remember New Zealand 1st. The times are changed now much of waikato history is being restored and alot more rangatahi are being educated i jus hope they are not followers like alot of our so called leaders. We have building investmaents the base, novotels but what have we really created for the people Kia kaha tania part of waahi paa supports your efforts and thanks for trying to do something

  2. I am also Tainui proud and obviously you dont know tania. But at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinions. Let the truth be told.

    Glen W

  3. Tania is trying to brand herself as a Wahine Toa. This is a simple process of grandstanding. Unfortunately she dragged the Mana of Tainui through the media courts in doing so. Years of apathy and doing nothing on her part and as soon as she was no longer part of the inner sanctum she starts making noise. One wonders now she is on the outside why she has chosen to become a vociferous campaigner against those she once sat next to.

    Tania has trampled on the Mana of Tainui for personal gain. There was a process she could have abided by but instead she chose to use the media as a vehicle to raise her profile.

    Anyone that knowns Tania knows she often thinks about herself before others. This is a prime example. She has achieved her objective of making herself look the victim and in doing so will look to further self aggrandize and dine on selling the affair of Tainui to the media.

    1. Kia Ora: I lived next door to Tania’s whanau in Hamilton. I won’t go into any details but whatever else she was she wasn’t as you describe; far from it. She has gone through a lot thanks to the Arataura, not only when Tuku was in charge but since he was ousted. She has won another case yet again against the new Arataura. It’s really a case of three strikes and she’s in. Let’s hope that she can now be allowed by those taane in the Arataura to get on with her job and they can get on with theirs.

    2. Tania Martin did not trample the Mana of Tainui for personal gain.
      It is quite clear you do not like Tania. Tania does not project herself
      as a saviour of her people Tainui’ but seeks to justify the wrongs that have been committed without the wider community Maraes knowledge.
      Tania’s Integrity is not in question and her Dignity is intact.
      My whanau are of Tainui lineage and admire Tania for her courage in
      revealing truths that Tukurangi Morgan wanted to hide HE LACKS INTEGRITY
      and his DIGNITY is not intact. Kia Kaha Tania Martin
      The Grace Whanau

  4. Hi Bob, you said that Tainui's progress has been moving forward, if so, then why have dividends to the Tainui marae been reduced this year? Is there a problem with cash flow or something? Why does Tuku Morgan and the Maori King want to bury all attempts for a financial review at Tainui?

  5. I have watched this event play out with interest. This event seems synonymous of the old cliche of cutting off your nose to spite your face- all in the name of stornch self promoting agendas. There seems to to be no consideration of the greater good, unity of the tribe and the kingitanga as a vehicle to bring people together. Sure accountability and process is important in any organisation – and should be upheld – but at the point it becomes a media seeking witch hunt, it undermines all off the forward moving progress Tainui have made over the last few years.

    1. Why does every issue that afflicts Tainui governance and leadership have to be a media beatup? Or the workings of a mischievous pakeha media? Tania Martin submitted a report highlighting concerns with the spending of the Arataura. This was sent to the 200+ Kauhanganui members. She has denied giving it to the media. Tuku Morgan responded to the report via the media, and in sending letters to every tribal member on the register. The tribe via is "comms" team sent out a number of 3 plus page press releases. Tuku and his comms team organised a press conference for after yesterdays hui (expecting a victory one suspects).

      Who has made this a media debacle?

      And answer me this Bob. Would you have been aware of the details of the report if you didnt read about it in the media, or speak to those who did read it in the media? Lets get real, what are these amazing tribal forums that everyone speaks of, where "the people" get accurate and detailed information? The key point of the Martin report is highlighting issue with reporting detail. This is information to the tribal parliament. You can expect those at the flax-roots dont even get that.

      And for those who say the King was trying to instill unity. What about the King abusing and swearing at kaumatua and wahine because they asked questions at a pokai? Is that how you "step in" to promote kotahitanga?

      I think it is incredible that those who voted for the status quo on Te Kauhanganui held their line. Because there was considerable pressure (the King and his cronies) and (tribal) financial resources used to try and make sure the King's (failed) move to sack the chair of the Kauhanganui was supported by its members. Where it is supposed to be decided. The result was they didn't support them.

      Heads need to roll. And some Tainui people need to stop using the pathetic "media beatup" or witch hunt for "who leaked to the media" and take a hard look at the poor leadership and decision making that seems to warrant so much media attention.

      1. Tena Koe Jim Rangi, Will you put your concerns forward at the next Kauhanganui Hui regards " Poor leadership and decision making /mismanagement of tribal finances? The Take' at hand relates to bad decisions made regards tribal finances { money }. King Tuheitia is regarded as the Paramount Chief of Tainui Marae-Waikato and he is not above his people. Who in Tainui' would be willing to charge him with failing to uphold the Tikanga' of Nga Marae o Tainui? heads do need to roll but who will carry out the deed? Maoridom are not coldblooded in fact Maoridom will always support the underdog. To forgive is kinder than to condemn, Humility comes before Honour.

        1. Yes Mat we agree, but feeding our homeless comes before flash expensive silky underpants too aye Tuku!!!

  6. @Garth I would assume it was something along the lines of…..Tania Martin stole a plum from the neighbours tree when she was like 10 or something which was no relevance whatsoever. Fabricated drivel no doubt.

    1. Kia Ora: I was actually Tania’s neighbor in Hamilton. No she didn’t steal any apples because we didn’t have an apple tree. But I think her and my daughter stole the odd sneeky smoke. Honestly I don’t know why my neighbor is being vilified by some of Tainui especially Tuku. He should remember that in spite of women’s equal standing in this world, a man should always be a gentleman. Open the door Tuku and let Tania go through first.

  7. From what i understand the motion was should Tania Martin remain as chair or a new chair elected? The people had spoken on this occasion 32 in favour Tania remaining and 21 against.

  8. What I take away from this whole debacle is not whether Kingi Tuheitia has been undermined by the various marae representatives for his decision or lacks the support and acknowledgment of a rangatira by his own people. But the fact that he felt compelled enough and was forced to take these matters into his own hands in the first place. I don't think that what Tania Martin did was wrong, but I do feel some kind of disdain at how she went about doing it (dragging it through the media). The purpose of Te Kauhanganui is to create a tribal parliament where our issues can be resolved within. The aftermath created by Tania and Tuku's quarrels has been devastating to the unity of not only the tribe but the motu and our kaupapa of KOTAHITANGA! I feel very sorry that our Kingi was put in this position, and embarrassed by the circus that has been played out in front of the public eye. This issue should have been resolved before it escalated out of hand from the start.

    1. Tena koe Te Kaharoa, how true that marae support for kingitanga objectives are brought into question by recent events highlighted in the media. Yet the media conveys by default. Tana Martin's one action was to present a report that was required of her. This triggered the media into giving an account of it. If disdain is to roost anywhere, let it rest with the hysteria felt by the executive arm in a legitimate review of its spending.

  9. After reading the marae support votes for Tania Martin are they saying { by their votes } they do not want to be ruled by King Tuheitia or his servant Tuku Morgan.

    Does King Tuheitia have any loyal followers { Marae} any more as the paramount

    head of Tainui?

    It is obvious that the Marae representatives do not recognise Tuku Morgan.

    It is very clear that the Marae representatives do not recognise King Tuheitia in his role as being capable of laying down a rule of judgement upon one of his own members.

    1. Tena koe Mat, I believe marae support for the kingitanga is strong, embedded as it is in the wairua rather than the material. The action taken by Te Kauhanganui does not reflect on the King or his office, but squarely on the chief of TK's executive arm, Tukuroirangi Morgan.

      1. Tena koe Tracy, King Tuheitia is the Paramount Chief of Nga Marae-Tainui, he is human, humble,and approachable.He is not perfect but his love for his people is tika'. Old School Maori judge him not for his good looks, but his ability to recognise he is not above his people but with them. KOTAHITANGA.

        Tukuroirangi Morgan by his own unpardonable actions used his position to try and oust Tania Martin who in return turned to the media. The Wairua is a force more stronger than man and my prayers are with the kingitanga and his people, the media creates whispers , Te Wairua unites te tangata whenua, te kingitanga, maoritanga.

  10. @Garth, Yes, Garth I would say that was an attempt by Tuku launching his own Wine Box Affair fiasco……No one bought into it….tacky at best

  11. TANIA MARTIN is being crucified by cowards whose time is UP…do the poor lady a favour and step down TUKU and your merry-men….the only reason a Maori goes to such extremes as you obviously have and intend to, in the 'demonising' of a woman who is clearly favoured by her people over YOU is because of the devastatingly slick, sharp and 2nd-to-none professional service she affords her people. She carries the leadership dignity, honesty and love for her people befitting of a Kuini Maori !! Leave her be to lead her Iwi into a future of prosperity.

    1. Kapai e hine, i am in awe of your support for Tania Martin, I to support Tania Martin and many of my whanau also, in a fast changing world maoridom is stronger for upholding the tribal tikanga of integrity. arohamai

  12. All expenses relating to the finances highlighted in Tuku's report should include a clearer detail of what it is being spent on, firstly this should include accommodation, food, alcohol, rentals, travel, flights, presents, books, videos, dvd's, and maybe pornographic material as Shane from the Labour did. It's not about inaccuracies of figures now, but transparency of completely everything each member is receiving and spending and not having these values categorized into one column or sum that usually only their accountants is aware of.

  13. I'm told the vote was 32 against, 21 for and 7 abstained or unclear on the motion to dismiss Tania Martin. I'm assuming that's marae, though that would be 6 short, right?

    Anyone there get any clarity from Mr Morgan about the two boxfuls of papers he says he received, alleging financial mishandling at a marae connected to Ms Martin? Seemed a little desperate to me, but happy to hear more.

    1. Tuku received a boxs full of financial rubbish, alleging financial mishandling at our marae. Given to him by a member without the permission of our Marae. Tuku also made a home visits with a member from our marae so unbelievable what for to damage Tania Martin’s good reputation. Police investigated and no way did it incriminate her. Leave her alone. She has done alot for the marae she is a good person, her problem is being honest and straight up with issues that affects accountability. She definately does not like hidden agenda’s.

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