May 12, 2021

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Tipu Ora Oral Helth Dental Service | Rotorua

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Tipu Ora Charitable Trust provides a high quality oral health service. We would like to give your staff and clients an opportunity to access our dental service at significantly reduced rates.

  • Relief of Pain must hold current Community Services Card (2 visits within 12 months) $35.00 per visit
  • Non card holders Consultation including x-rays $46.00, fillings and extractions range in price but can give you a quote for dental treatment at the time of consultation.
  • WINZ quotes and treatment available.

Please phone their dental reception directly on 348 9613 to make an appointment.


The purpose of Tipu ora is to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of tamariki M?ori and their whanau so that in the future they will be able to pursue a range of socio-economic and cultural opportunities available to reach their full potential.

Key to the success of Tipu Ora has been the stewardship provided by M?ori leaders from within iwi and the Womens Health League who clearly recognised the centrality of M?ori identity to M?ori wellness.

As a result of the success of Tipu Ora addresses address the health and wellbeing needs of children, their wh?nau and their extended wh?nau in Whanau Ora way.

Tipu Ora has often been described as the most successful M?ori child health promotion programme operating in New Zealand (Ropiha 1991, Te Puni Kokiri 1993, Ratima 1995).

3 thoughts on “Tipu Ora Oral Helth Dental Service | Rotorua

    1. kia ora, l would like to no if their is any appointments been made for me or do you have any cancellation avalible please


  1. would like exray consultation for tooth extraction as i have swelling below left eye

    regards, a.gerrard

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