May 15, 2021

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Rapanui continue their stuggle

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(Source | Radio NZ) A lawyer representing Rapa Nuis Hito clan says authorities have ignored the rule of law by evicting remaining clan members from a hotel in Hangaroa.

Rodrigo Gomez says about 50 armed Chilean police used unnecessary force early on Sunday morning to remove the two men and two women.

Mr Gomez says his colleague was roughed up trying to speak to his clients.

He says the evictions come shortly before court proceedings due to take place on Rapa Nui to try to clear up ownership rights to the land.

The actions taken here in Easter island are very abnormal. (This) Tuesday theres an audience to discuss this, in just 48 hours. They dont wait for that. They just took action.

Mr Gomez says a clan leader Marisol Hito was arrested but later released.

According to Chilean media reports, the eviction was ordered by Rapa Nuis public prosecutor so police could complete their investigations before Tuesdays court proceedings.

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