May 12, 2021

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Flavell responds to Hone’s comments on the Maori Party

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Te Ururoa Flavell at Papakura Marae today, Hone Harawira (inset). Photos / NZ Herald

(Source | NZ Herald) Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell’s responds to Hone Harawira’s public comments on the party.

* On the Marine and Coastal Area Bill.

Harawira: “The Marine and Coastal Area Bill does not reflect the hopes and dreams of the Maori people of the Maori Party.

Flavell: Said Harawira was closely involved in forming the bill but had contributed little and had not raised concerns before pulling his support the night it was introduced to Parliament. Hone had also admitted he had not read the bill: “When something is wrong you know it because you can feel it in your bones.”

* On the coalition with the National Party:

Harawira: “We have been swallowed up by the National juggernaut, we are seen as merely the Maori face of a government that is hurting Maori people.”

Flavell: E kii kii [is that so?]. This is the same Hone who agreed to go into the agreement, was willing to accept a ministerial [place] next to that same group, has worked with those people for the last two years, acknowledges the gains made.

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* On the suppression of Hone:

Harawira: “I think what they are trying to do is crush dissent on the foreshore and seabed, I think that what they are trying to do is demand that all members of the Maori Party nod when the leaders speak.” Radio NZ

Flavell: “Hone’s views have never been suppressed. How could they be? He has taken every advantage to ensure his views are not suppressed. The leadership have never in the current term censured any of Hone’s releases. But that’s not what Hone says.”

* On a voice for Maori:

Harawira: “If I go quiet who carries the Maori flag in Parliament, who takes those Maori issues to the edge, who speaks from the hearts and minds of the ordinary Maori? I’m not trying to bignote myself here, but that’s just how it is, that’s my role.” (Parliament)

Flavell: This looks like bignoting to me. What have I been doing here for the last four years with him, Tariana, Pita and Rahui at my side? It is Team Hone alone that works for our people: there is the put down. I reject that absolutely.”

* On the direction of the Maori Party:

Harawira: “No matter where I go, I am told that the Maori Party is coming off the rails, usually accompanied with a comment I should keep speaking out because none of my mates are.” (Sunday Star Times)

Flavell: Hone has been a part of the movement from the start…If the party is in fact off the rails, then that surely is a reflection of his lack of input or a rejection of his input. That is not the picture Hone paints.

* On the disciplinary process:

Harawira: Maori is supposed to be the basis of our party, but it seems that some people will happily ditch the kaupapa for a Pakeha process whenever a problem crops up. (to media).

Flavell: Hone developed this process, so we should assume it has a kaupapa Maori feel to it. But even if he has a part in it, if it does not suit him, we apparently do not follow kaupapa Maori.”

4 thoughts on “Flavell responds to Hone’s comments on the Maori Party

  1. Kiaora Te Ururoa……..I knew Hone was a Con and a blowass just like his mother…the gutless dogess
    Sorry bout the bad language but geese they make me mad the way they have played the ignorant Maori people into believing their ploy

    Hone has always been about 'Team Hone'
    The Maori people are just a means to his end
    He has been after the leadership for a long time……its all a ploy
    Hes power hungry…….and hell put it before everything……..what a sad and selfish prick

  2. Well of course Maoridom are divided, they are tribal afterall. But Celia, your statement is telling of your intelligence. if 2 pakeha are divided, then all of pakeha are divided?? Of course not! To try and generalise that Maoridom are one, is to assume all of Pakeha are one.

  3. I think it's interesting Hone says he speaks on behalf of all ordinary Maori people. I consider myself to be one of these, yet I find myself in disagreement with just about every statement he has ever made. I know he is strongly supported by the people of his electorate Te Tai Tokerau. Can someone please advise him there are many other people in this country beside his own whanau?!

    I cringe EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear him say he's acting or speaking on behalf of ordinary Maori. The utter arrogance of that statement disgusts me.

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