May 9, 2021

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Art required to aid Tuhoe whanau affected by Police raids

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Art Required to Raise funds for Tuhoe whanau affected by the 15/10/07 Raids, & to aid in the establishment of Tino-Rangatiratanga Trust Fund

This Trust is wanting to hear from ART practitioners that are willing to koha (donate) works towards this event that will seek to incorporate elements of Liberation by way of Activism & Resistance. (If an explanation is required, then this auction need not apply to you)

The Be Considered For This Event,

  • That your work must be donated without reservation, knowing that the work will be auctioned on 02/04/2011, and that 100% of the proceeds will be divide between the Te Kotahi a Tuhoe & Tino Rangatiratanga Trusts.
  • That your also be work be available to be catalogued, for exhibition no later than Sunday March 6th 2011
  • That you forgo all rights be they legal or other wise to those images once donated (Unless prior arrange with exhibitor and or purchaser)
  • That you be to be available for or interviews (Print, Radio, TV, Internet)

And that if possible be able to attend the Powhiri to be held at:

  • MAUNGA WHAU / MT EDEN (nth western side of the summit)
  • MARCH 30TH

Update: Item #1 to be auctioned is thisdesigner origianl sofa, designed by none other than Linda Munn one of the three original designers of the Maori Flag aka (Tino Rangatiratanga flag). This piece has been specifically created to fundraise towards the cost of establishing a Tino Rangatiratanga Trust,

  • To promote the kaupapa of Tino Rangatiratanga
  • Support Maori Art, Community Groups & Individuals
  • Distribute royalties to the immediate family of the Tino Rangatiratanga designers

Linda is also creating a work specific to the Tuhoe Raids. Profiles ofother artists that are submitting material are being developed, and there will be regular up-dates about the event as the month of Feb unfolds.

Nga Mihi Nui to you all, and please dont hesitate to submit your work, as it is about supporting the cause. At a similar event held in Wellington,

Works of art were submitted by people of all ages, colours, Race & creed. The works auctioned ranged from $10.00 to $4.000 and above.

  • The event raised over $30.000 (Not bad for a nights work aye)

In closing: it has not been an easy journey for any of the whanau over the years. The Tino merchandise continues to be sold all over the world with very little if any of the proceeds being distributed to the whanau.

Our Tuhoe whanau have now been in a legal battle for the best part of 4 YEARS with legal costs amounting in the 100s of thousands. This has been a HUGE BURDEN on the many wh?nau.

Therefore my advice would be to anyone who has reservation about issues of COPYRIGHT etc,

  • Create a work with the kaupapa in mind and nothing else.
  • Only submit material that you feel 100% comfortable about submitting, (No strings attached)

For all other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact,

mobile – 021 205 1571
email – [email protected]

PS: Dont be afraid to pass this on to your networks, oh andWaiata, Poems,Literature & Ta Moko sessions for auction count as well (Hint Hint)

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