May 12, 2021

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(Source | Radio NZ) Maori Party whip Te Ururoa Flavell says Hone Harawira has disrespected the party’s disputes process by failing to show up for a meeting.

The party’s disputes and disciplinary committee has finished a second day of meetings into Mr Flavell’s complaint about the MP for Te Tai Tokerau.

The complaint was laid following comments Mr Harawira made in a newspaper article criticising the Maori Party’s relationship with the Government.

Mr Harawira put in his apologies, saying he is busy with the Ngapuhi tribe’s Waitangi Tribunal claim.

Mr Flavell says Mr Harawira had agreed to meet again with the committee and should have turned up to the three-hour meeting at Papakura Marae in South Auckland on Monday.

Committee chairperson Te Orohi Paul says it is now in a position to make a recommendation to the Maori Party’s National Council – but would not say what it will be.

Ms Paul said the meeting was warm, but hugely difficult, and would not divulge what the committee’s recommendation would be.

The council will meet on Wednesday when an announcement on Mr Harawira’s fate is expected to be announced.

Mr Harawira has already been suspended from the party’s caucus.

Possible sanctions range from censure to expulsion.

2 thoughts on “Decision on Harawira complaint ready to be made

    1. My comment to you today is this:

      We as Maori once were Warriors in every shape and form.

      We could kill in a breath and love one another in the same heartbeat

      and yet here we have Hone Harawira who has the courage to say what he needed to say from his own personal assumption of what has been going on and YES he made that call and yet he is witch hunted for it and now you guys are looking at suspending him or expelling him from your party.

      It seems to me that Mr Flavell needs to have a good look at himself and his party and maybe he needs to take into consideration what Hone has says and then the Maori Party will have a future….If you have bothered to read the comments from Hones facebook you will read that we want Hone Harawira as Prime Minister for New Zealand or at least head of the Maori Party which is a racist thing in itself "Only so many seats for such a big populus" Is that fair representation? Ask yourself that.

      What we need is the abolishing of these seats and the allowance of Maori MPs to stand alone in Parliament representing either Labour or National on their own Merits….

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