May 10, 2021

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Email campaign launched on Facebook in support of Harawira

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HONE HARAWIRA – Love him or hate him – This event is an email campaign!

Email the Maori Party and tell them that we don’t agree with their decision.

Click here to view the event online.

Hone has been consistent in his expression of views of many of our people that the current legislation related to the Takutai Moana is not what we want.

Nor do we want the ongoing commitment to a right wing government that is making legislation to further oppress our people and privatise our taonga.

[email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected];
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[email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected]

Include the media so they know that we have had enough
[email protected]
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[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

Put Hone back into caucus and get on with the real mahi!

9 thoughts on “Email campaign launched on Facebook in support of Harawira

  1. i have a nil tolerance for any govt since they came to my land

    and made a mockery of our tinorangatiratanga since 1835?

    until we believe in our own self determination and our own right to govern our own land and resources and assets we will remain refugees in our own aotearoa

    wake up and smell the pollution and the contamination that these pakeha and tauiwi bring here for their own gain and pockets while we became lost in the minority i want my mokopuna to be free in our own country preferrably without the pakeha corruption that exists in my lifetime…and why haven't we ever had a maori governor or a maori prime minister ??????? who know we maybe able to a better phuken job of ruling our own land ????after 200yrs of suffering these fools for me its HONE HARAWIRA FOR PRIME MINISTER

  2. I put this on an article about Hone in the Dompost I totally support him. Kamiria #25 11:46 am Jan 31 2011

    I am not from Hone's iwi however I am a kuia with almost 70 years of life experience most of it spent actively involved in all my iwi. I and many Maori like me grew up in impoverished conditions and not much has changed for us. Hone and people like him give me hope that things will be better for my 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.He is doing what every representative in parliament should be doing listening to the needs of his people and fighting to have those needs met. I do not see this quality in Ururoa Flavell who laid the complaint against Hone. All I see is that Flavell and other ambitious Maori like him have climbed on to the public servant gravy train and they are scared Hone will spoil it for them. Tariana and Pita Sharples genuinely care for our people but they too have become enmeshed in pakeha political games. The National Party is looking more and more like the two Bush adminstrations in USA. The rich got rich and the poor got poorer, they are headed in the same direction and it is us and all those at the bottom of the economic heap who will suffer. Read Micheal Moore's books and watch his documentaries and be very scared because if we allow our political parties to follow this path benefits will go to all those at the top of the economic heap around 1% of our population. Don't give up Hone there are many kaumatua like me with no voice, even within our iwi, who support your stand. I wish we had a hundred like you. Be very careful Maori party that you do not alienate those of us who helped to put you in parliament.

  3. Tena ra tatou katoa.Kei te pouri te ngakau.Hone,Tari,Pita,TeUruroa.It is so

    sad to see this happening to the Party.I have never voted for any party but

    the labour party,but seeing Hones` views on the kaupapa of the party for our

    people I have told my mokopuna I will be voting for THE MAORI PARTYand

    for Hone.but Nan she says you will have to vote for Rahui,Well, if I am going to vote for the maori party,I would rather vote for a Maori Party with Hone in

    it.My wawata is that you all pull your fingers out and get to work Kia ora ano

    tatou.Ma te wa

  4. 10 reasons I am disillusioned with Maori Party (who got my vote):

    1. They want us to be grateful that they are supporting a right wing

    government (slave mentality)

    They are part of a govt that:

    2. increased GST – that disproportionately affects Maori

    3. cut childcare

    4. pays out 5 billion in tax cuts (majority to very wealthy, and wants to cut

    public services that costs 1.6 billion).

    5. pays over 700 millionaires an extra $1000 week in tax cuts

    6. wants to punish beneficiaries to get jobs that arent there (countdown

    recently noted they had over 400 applicants for 3 jobs)

    7. insulted with the view that this is the last chance for Maori (slave

    mentality again)

    8. is over-influenced by the iwi-leaders group (same as if National used

    Business Roundtable as their main advisors – does not represent the

    common person)

    9. has lost its indpendant thought – they are looking more like puppets by

    the day.

    10. no longer representing the majority of Maori who voted them in.

    1. To all the critics of the Maori Party, you are quite welcome to form your own party to try and change these things. If you are a member of a certain political party you should try to work within it, not sabotage it. If it gets to the stage where there is so much disagreement, well you are obviously better off aligning yourself with a more like-minded group.

    2. tika te korero tautoko i a koe e hine

      the 10 commandments of one of the politekes

      of the highest order these sori excuses for leaders fuel my puku with riri

      ana ko tino pukuiri teneki taniwha ko puhikai taniwharau ko au tena

      when will they ever learn that the mana and the mandate is ours

      and they forget after 6yrs of licking john key and the former helen clarkes govt filthy aholes that we the maori people o te motu chose them to speak on our behalf well they have all failed to honour their obligations to me and you and the entire maori tangata whenua aue taukiri e

      for me it hone harawira the prime minister not hone key

      we all should get it right this election and give all our vote to hone and let this scrutinize who he trusts to sit beside him because with all of on side of the bed of political propagander theres not much room left for any kupapa

  5. Kia kaha Hone! Ka tautoko au ki a koe ki te noho pu ki Te Paati Maaori kia whakatikaina tonutia.

    You have always been an inspiration, a worrior and an educator of our Maori and human rights. As a young rangatahi in 1982, you gave me strength up at Bastion Point.You are clear about the issues and the tino rangatiratanga of our people. I had been disillusioned with the Maori Party recently with the recent compromise of the tautai, and the gst rise that has made a lot of my whanau and hapu struggle finacially. More moneys should go into kohanga reo and kura kaupapa Maori rather than prisons for our people, In the 1980s they spent millions of dollars building the HB Regional Prison, and wrongly named it after my marae Mangaroa. and now millions of dollars are being spent again creating another prison in Kahungunu. Kei te he! You stay in there as a VOICE for us. As well as keeping the party tika. kei noho ke ratou te whiua atu koe i te paati. Ana! What they need to do is focus on trying to win the Tairawhiti Ikaroa electorate instead.

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