May 18, 2021

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Harawira gets a growling from kaumatua

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(Source | Radio New Zealand) Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira has been told off by kaumatua in the Far North for using obscene language.

The Maori Party MP has made comments about other party members in forums such as the social networking site, Facebook.

Joe Everitt, an elder from Murihiku, which represents five Iwi, says about 50 kaumatua have met Mr Harawira and aired their disappointment at his language.

Mr Everitt says Mr Harawira is articulate in Maori and English, and he needs to be polite in both.

He says Mr Harawira took the advice on board.

Mr Everitt says he’s also disappointed that Titewhai Harawira, the MP’s mother, has bad-mouthed Maori Party co-leaders Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia.

TV appearance seen as no barrier

Mr Everitt told Morning Report on Monday that Mr Harawira’s decision to appear on the Marae Investigates TV programme over the weekend should not affect the outcome of disciplinary action being taken against him.

He said he was not disappointed by Mr Harawira’s appearance on the programme.

Mr Harawira appeared in a long, and at times tearful, television interview.

Mr Everitt said it shows a different side to the MP and displaying humility does help people.

2 thoughts on “Harawira gets a growling from kaumatua

  1. …continued

    His tears showed me how loyal and honest he is!
    A man with a vision and a passion to drive this waka into the next election!

    mean maaori mean

  2. e hone i feel ur pain and ur wairua is strong in any phuken langauage and everyday they try to down size you to the pleasure of a few old men wat the hell did those old bastards do for us in there life why the hell r we trying to be civil to the useless who all need to be awarded their Q.S.M for non services to maori for using pleasant sounding words get real……..isn't that flavells excuse to oust you aye be coz he don't like ur words of truth that offended him so he put you in this dilemna so the old crones can put the boot into u too well yea who is to blame for the way our people are treated in this land of my tupuna????? kaumatua and kuia were hea before us the young and they created the phuken mess that we wollow in today yes i do point the finger at the pakeha for my issues but hell it was my own old drunken uncles that began raping me at aged 11-12yrs old and they were collecting the benefits of the govt stateward care for the privillage to molester me so i say hone kia kaha let them trash u wat the hell did they do to help us in their heyday???????why are we paying for the sins of our fathers?????

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