May 10, 2021

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Harawira to be expelled from the Maori Party

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Although the decision was not to be released to the media – we’ve been told that the Maori Party has made public the recommendations of the disciplinary committe and those are that MP Hone Harawira’s membership be canceled and the Te Taitokerau representative be expelled from the Party, making him an independent MP.

Disciplinary committee chairwoman Te Orohi Paul revealed the recommendation yesterday, saying it was reached “with great sadness”.

This follows from the complaint laid by party whip MP Te Ururoa Flavell against Mr Harawira, which was prompted by a column Mr Harawira wrote in the Sunday Star- Times where Harawira questioned the direction of the party and its relationship with the National Party.

It has been reported to me that the National council of the Maori party will meet today Wednesday at Ruamata to discuss this but their decision is considered a foregone conclusion. Protests are expected.

The NZ Herald reported that although Mr Harawira did not attend the final hearing of the committee on Monday, Ms Paul said Mr Harawira had had many opportunities to respond to the complaint, and “he had said a great deal”. But attempts to find another resolution had all failed, leaving the party with little option.

“The committee considered that Mr Harawira had been accorded full rights to natural justice.”

Mr Harawira has objected to the disciplinary committee throughout, describing it as a “Pakeha process”.

He would not comment yesterday, saying only “I have nothing to say whatsoever, thanks very much.”

Maori Party president Pem Bird said neither Mr Harawira nor Te Ururoa Flavell was expected to be at the meeting today.

Mr Harawira’s fate would be decided by the council, including at least two representatives from each Maori electorate except for Mr Harawira’s Te Tai Tokerau branch.

Mr Bird said Te Tai Tokerau’s views were already clear and they were “conflicted”.

It is the understanding of that other electorates are clear on their views but were still allowed to seal the fate of the MP

He said the party hoped to deal with the matter before the second reading of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill tomorrow.

Mr Harawira’s failure to attend the second hearing of the committee on Monday is understood to have further angered the committee and council, which had granted an extension on Mr Harawira’s request.

Mr Flavell’s submission to the committee made it clear he thought Mr Harawira should go, as he was apparently deliberately undermining the caucus by presenting himself as the only true voice for Maori.

The submission said he believed Mr Harawira’s outspokenness on issues relating to Maori was valuable to the party, but he had gone too far by turning on his own colleagues.

8 thoughts on “Harawira to be expelled from the Maori Party

  1. From 1835 Maori have battled with pakeha and now most Maori have become Europeanised which makes an even harder struggle to maintain our mana who else but the Maori Party UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. We need Hone for those Maori who do not vote they will for his enduring spirit.

  2. To 'te enga harris': What a lot of crap – the simple fact is Hone ain't a team player. Thats kul if you don't have to work together but are you saying that evrybody not down with the kaupapa of Tai Tokerau is a sellout?

    1. no iam not saying that
      i am personally in corresponce with tariana and pita sharples pertaining to
      state wards matters of my whanau over the 6yrs they have been a so called voice for my people of aotearoa and i have written to tariana my whanganui representative to see if she can help me get john key to answer why my son and 54 others were murdered in prison and the results are walls of silence from the whole of parliament …..hone harawira was the only politican in this world that saw me face to face and asked what could he do to help me while the rest of the phuken maori party shat on him so take it how the phuk u like ????who cares??

    2. To Che Nua ?
      Whats crap is the simple fact that you aint got a clue cause if you did you wouldn’t be saying Tai Tokerau is a wasn’t Hone that failed the team it was the team that failed their people of whom Hone Harawira represents the people,for the people!

      E nga hau e wha
      Forward ever backward never
      Rock on Te Mana o Hone Harawira

  3. at last te tai tokerau can impliment their tuturu tinorangatira tanga without the kupapa maori/pakeha party to play politeke with tu tonu tu tonu te taitokerau
    e hone u r the new maori prime minister your people of aotearoa tautoko e a koe e hone pani tamati waka nene harawira tena koe mo tou mahi tupuna mai 1835 we ngapuhi sanctioned that declaration of independence mai ra no ki tenki ra pai rawa atu ki a nga mean maori mean ko wai au ko te henga harris te mama of nicholas ward harris mokopuna o joesph ward harris and mareta tuaine

  4. its a valuable lesson to all who voted for a maori voice in parliament that they have breached their obligations to us the people that voted them in so if hone goes the lot get shot too!!!! and hone is our new prime minister so i think we will suffer the traitorous others that kicked te taitokerau to the curb ae whanau ka tu ka tu nagpuhinui tonu tu tonu aue

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