May 7, 2021

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Harawira’s support grows to include… Pakeha?!

4 min read has begun to notice an interesting shift in the support base that Hone Harawira has been gathering since the emergence of the recent complaint gains Harawira by the Maori Party.

Traditionally Harawira’s core supporters have been (amongst others) those who value Tino Rangtiratanga as a core tenet, those that have been staunchlyopposed to the National Maori Party coalition and those who disagree with the present Foreshore and Seabed legislation that is before Parliament.

However, increasingly support is coming from a segment of New Zealand society that traditionally has been anti Harawira – that is the right of centre mainstream Pakeha community. has watched with interest asmessages of support via social networks have poured in, a quick check of Hone’sFacebook page will give witness to thousands of messages while another click will get you to Hone’s official website where, hundreds of messages of support have been left and even on our own news portal message boards, you’ll see lines and lines of text which lend credence to what might be history in the making.

Here are a few examples, the first from a Pakeha of Scottish ancestry:

Andy Ewensays: Hone? You are a man with fire in his belly. I must say I have referred to you, more than once, as Hone the Honkie Hater. But this has always been tempered with a certain respect for what you do and believe in. The injustices enacted upon your people only go back as little as 2 generations. Its completely unrealistic to expect Maori to forgive and forget so readily. My ancestry is Scotishand we still hate the English for what they did to us. So I can understand your passion…

So to conclude, I sincerely hope things go in your favour today. Though I am not Maori, I have a great deal of respect for what you do and the belifs you hold. If you had your own party, I would deffinately consider voting for you. Stick to what you hold true, Hone. Few people in parliament can claim that level of integrity.

Another comment from an Scot, this time an immigrant:

I grew up in a working class low income home in West Scotland in the 50s and 60s and can identify with a lot of what I now experience around me at work every day. I admire your courage at the moment and wish you the strength to continue your efforts to improve the wellbeing of your people. I wish I could contribute more in someway to that goal.

From a “white boy” in Christchurch:

“just wanted to let Hone and his crew know that one white boy down in Otautahi thinks he’s a legend and what the Maori party should be.

Then a comment from Bruce Clement a right leaningPakeha:

Kia ora Hone & greetings from the right of the liberal spectrum. Youve been consistent in your activism and promotion of your views of activism since at least your days at Auckland University in the 1970s.

Your party selected you knowing your views, including your belief that When people refuse to do whats right, at the end of the day you step in, do what youve got to do. It would be hypocritical of them to now expect you to sit quietly and ignore the beliefs you have openly espoused for 30 years.

Good luck with the process. I hope it goes well for you and you manage to remain with your party.

Finally a very insightful comment from a “white, middle-class” National supporter“, Karen:

I probably represent what could be described as white middle-class, middle-age New Zealand. I own my own business in Newmarket in Auckland on Broadway so again, I suppose I fall into the demographic that you probably expect disagrees with you. I am compelled to write to you to dispel a few myths.

From this brief analysis it seems the common theme is”I’m a Pakeha I have not really liked Hone but I have certainly come to respect him for standing up for what he believes in. What he is saying is right on the button. good on him Ive certainly changed my mind about him. I wish my MP would speak up just as strongly about these issues that are affecting us all.”

What it tells us as well is that Hone seems to be starting to appeal to a very broad support base not just from within the Party but from the wider public sector. Maori politicians oftentalk about getting into the hearts and minds of our own people but Hones appeal is starting to go beyond that, Hone seems to be getting into the hearts and minds of ordinary New Zealanders

Don’t think anyone saw this one coming, go figure.

20 thoughts on “Harawira’s support grows to include… Pakeha?!

  1. That Hone has pakeha support should be of no suprise.

    I am an immigrant – from London who has Lived in NZ for twenty five years. I have always supported Hone for who he is, his stand and his integrity. For many of us that have moved to the Pacific, we do so to escape a Eurocentric kaupapa. Many of us are only too aware that oppression and systemised theft of land and resources is an international story – Many of us know that the history of the british common man has strong parallels to our Maori cousins and feel your pain as our own ; the scottish clearances and the enclosures to name a few..I say this not to minimise the pain and suffering of Maori but to explain how we can and do empathise with the wrongs that occured and are still occuring and how we come to stand as kaituatoko of all that is right and decent.

    As to the previous comment of Hone as honky hater, I have never felt offended by this…Its part of being contrite – if your race commit such crimes against another one expects a backlash – My skin is pakaha, my tupuna pakeha, my soul is responds to Maori Kaupapa – I belive this to be true of many pakeha that are given the honour to share this land….

    I give my respect and support to Hone. Nga Mihi ..

    1. Mark S. Does this mean that the rest of the parliment members have been suckling from their mammy's butts, or is it Buttiefy. He he he he….

  2. When the polititicians, Maori or Pakeha,stop telling the people lies, Maori or Pakeha, that is when Hone will stop telling the truth

  3. I'm Pakeha, and am excited to hear of other Pakeha now supporting Hone. I disagree with some of the ways Hone has gone about certain things, but I agree very much with some key aspects of his kaupapa and I support him on those.

    Like Andy Ewen, one of the Scots quoted in the article above, I too feel that the injustices committed against Maori by Pakeha are still very fresh – and, the majority of them have still not been put right. Justice has not been served. Added to that, many injustices also continue … New Zealand society is not and has never been a co-created society shared between Pakeha and Maori. It was built by Pakeha, for Pakeha, to the exclusion of Maori. Maori have every right to be angry, and to voice that anger. They also have the right to have that anger received with empathy, understanding and validation by Pakeha, but this very seldom happens. It is no wonder some Maori are still angry. There are still many valid reasons for that anger in the present time, and, the anger of the past has not been met with the understanding it deserves. Until that happens, the anger will remain. For these reasons, I understand why Maori like Hone are so angry towards Pakeha. I think Hone needs to find more mature ways of expressing his anger, and if he does, he will be a far more effective representative and advocate for his people. But overall I feel he is a very important voice, a much needed voice, and he has strength, integrity, honesty and committment to his values .

  4. Tena Koutou.

    Ki nga kai-whakawa e noho mai ra i roto i te paati maori tena, whakahokia mai a Hone Harawira ki ro paremata!

    My whanau and i have made the decision not to support the maori party should Hone not be re-instated immediately.

    YES he is outspoken and YES he does present as being difficult to work with, but this is exactly what the pakeha want! Why should we continue to let them undermine us?

    I supported the maori party on the basis that this time maybe we got it right! But i was so so wrong!

    Not everyone is going to agree with what he says and some things i dont! But it is dividing our people it is creating a mess that will end in humiliation, shame and ultimately the demise of maori in politics we have already had enough fiascos within our people dont you think its time we united properly!! This could well be the key……food for thought!.

    Nga mihi maioha me nga manaakitanga o te atua.

    T.W Chapman

  5. Well this left leaning Pakeha supports Hone on this … for some of the issues that he has raised (privatisation, poverty, environment) but also because I would like to see the foreshore and seabed dealt with honourably and respectfully under the ToW. Not all Pakeha support modern day raupatu.

  6. Kiaora, Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro Nga Mana Whenua

    Without vision the First Nation will be lost

    To show the urgency of unification and strong leadership for our people. is to provide freedom and Justices. Govtment came to conquer and divide, United we stand together and fight the good fight. Hone maybe be you are able to lead with the support of Tangata Whenua o Aotearoa with your experts we are

    Toi tu te kupu, toi tu te mana, toi tu te whenua

    Tangata Whenua will hold fast to our culture, for without language, without mana (spirit), and without land, the essence of being Mana Whenua would no longer exist, but be a memorie which would not give Tangata Whenua Freedom and justice to gain the repects us natives have been waiting for Hone you have been given the spirit to lead your people out of Bondage

    to serve our Ancestor wishes for the future to complete.

  7. I'm not at all surprised about this. Last year, Hone accepted my invitation to come and speak to my big first year class of Education students at Canterbury Uni. Most of them Pakeha. As I expected, when they actually saw Hone in the flesh and heard his korero, their preconceptions about him, and about Maori activists in general, were seriously disrupted. When you speak the truth with sincerity, as Hone has always done, people eventually hear you.

  8. Many pakeha on the left can't stand the Maori party ain't wit dem. They happy to see the Maori party fall apart. Kaua e pohehe koutou ma. Kaore ratou he hoa.

  9. Interesting, the shift. I want to believe that this is because they too share the same concerns that Hone has raised and it also affects them too – its human to be cautious and question why?. But not everyone has an alterior motive. I am so sure they too are sick of the rigmarole that is going on and are looking for a direction from someone who talks the talk and walks his talk.

  10. Concerns that Hone has raised about of privatisation, unemployment, poverty cut across tribal & 'racial' lines, so it no surprise the resulting support from non Maori communities.

  11. Naturally "El Pakeha" loves whats happening..Theyre gonna lap it up and sic the Maori Party on Hone… and then sic Hone onto the Maori Party… Didnt they try this same trick a thousand and ten times since late 1700's … and didnt their strategy always work for them??? So why should we celebrate their "concern" for Hone? Yeah right!

  12. I was shocked Garth George supported him in his column last week…the common thread in the comments seems to be respect for Hone's integrity and unwavering political commitment to tino rangatiratanga.

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