May 18, 2021

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Hone Harawira “critical issues facing Maori” & thoughts on Disciplinary Committee

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It would seem that a small group within the Maori Party is determined to stop me speaking out about critical issues facing Maori people. Those issues bear repeating and bolstering here today:

  • Maori people are not happy to support a relationship with National while food prices go up, petrol prices go up, electricity goes up, house prices go up, rents go up, GST goes up, all while National is giving millions of dollars in tax breaks to the rich.
  • We should say that we did not support the last GST increase, we should repeat the call for GST off food, and we should say make any further increase in GST a coalition-breaker.
  • We should campaign for an immediate lift of the minimum wage to $15.00.
  • We should call for Maori Language to be compulsory in all primary schools.
  • We should call for bailouts for big business to be cancelled and the money instead spent on educational programs that ensure that Maori kids can read well, write well, count well and speak well by the time theyre 10.
  • We should oppose the governments Marine and Coastal Areas Bill because it does not give us the title that our people marched for, and because our people do not support it. We should call for repeal of the 2004 FSSB Act and a two year moratorium for a deal more acceptable to Maori.
  • We should oppose privatisation of the nations assets, and oppose the sale of Aotearoa to overseas interests who have no love for either this country or its people.

I was notified of the meeting of the Disciplinary Committee yesterday afternoon leaving me no time to consult with kaumatua and kuia from home, and others interested in the outcome. I will be attending the hearing because of my commitment to the kaupapa of the Party and not because of any trust in this Pakeha legal process. The fact that kaumatua and kuia have been working tirelessly to bring this back under Kaupapa Maori is honourable, and I remain willing to abide by that process. Kaupapa Maori is supposed to be the basis of our party, but it seems that some people will happily ditch the Kaupapa for a Pakeha process whenever a problem crops up. Go figure …

Hone Harawira
Maori Party MP
Tai Tokerau

3 thoughts on “Hone Harawira “critical issues facing Maori” & thoughts on Disciplinary Committee

  1. Agree with a lot of what you stand for Hone because this country does need money to be spent in the right places. Yes to GST off food, yes to raising the minimum wage to $15ph, absolutely yes to big business bailouts being cancelled in favour of educational programmes but for ALL CHILDREN, not just Maori kids and perhaps some re-education of some Maori parents as to the IMPORTANCE of a good educational start in life, absolutely yes to NO privatisation of assets and sales offshore.

    NO to Maori language being made COMPULSORY in all primary schools, I think it should be OFFERED as a subject and students should have a CHOICE whether or not to study it. It is not an internationally used language and as such has no bearing outside of New Zealand. Some are already making choices to study the Reo but it should not be forced down peoples throats on the premise that if we don't do this the language will be lost…the language has already been "modernised" so to speak and is not the same Reo as that of our forebears.

    As for the FSSB, a resounding NO to full title being given to Maori, the foreshore and seabed belongs to EACH AND EVERY NEW ZEALANDER, NOT JUST MAORI. Personally I think it's time to bury the hatchet and stop blaming pakeha of today for what their ancestors did. Time to UNITE THE ENTIRE country Hone,

  2. Such wise words from such a wise man, my whanau and I Toutoko your Korero 110%. It amazes me when certain Maori people are given opportunities to better us as Maori, slowly but surely their minds are clouded by the Pakeha system, the Pakeha World, the Pakeha Dollar. Kia Kaha Mr Harawira. Mean Maori Mean

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