May 12, 2021

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I am hugely disappointed in the decision to suspend me from the Maori Party caucus.

The decision shows a huge disrespect for the Kaupapa on which our party was founded, for the people of Tai Tokerau who have given their all for the Maori Party, and for the efforts that kaumatua and kuia of Tai Tokerau and Waiariki have been engaging in to try to settle this matter according to Kaupapa Maori.

The decision also shows a complete disregard for the complaint process that the co-leaders were party to, and coming two days out from the disciplinary committee meeting set down to hear the complaint, is also a clumsy and heavy-handed attempt to influence the outcome.

And yet, for all the contradictions, the decision is also consistent with a pakeha political process which forced Tariana Turia to leave the Labour Party; a process we had decided would never, ever be used in our own party.

The decision is also clearly aimed at silencing the only voice within the party that has offered any genuine and constructive criticism of the Maori Partys relationship with the National government during a time when food, power and petrol price rises, coupled with an increase in GST, are devastating Maori communities the length and breadth of Aotearoa.

I can assure everyone, that as long as Maori suffer the economic and social disparities that we do, I will continue to raise those issues both inside and outside of the party.

And I can also assure everyone that, on behalf of my constituents, I will be attending parliament tomorrow. I will answer all further questions at that time.

Hone Harawira
Maori Party MP
Tai Tokerau

3 thoughts on “Hone Harawira speaks to his suspension

  1. how refreshing to find a politician who is prepared to put his mana on the line in his quest for a better life for the disadvantaged ie the low paid,the unemployed

    and those that are struggling to provide for themselves and their whanau.You keep talking for us Hone.nga manaakitanga a te runga rawa kia koe,Ma te wa.

  2. As long as politicians are telling us their lies, we should and will not stop telling the truth no matter what party they represent. Ka Whaiwhai Tonu Matou AKE AKE AKE

  3. Hone,

    Many more people (of ALL cultures and ethnicities) are with you than you may think. And we are with you no matter what you may decide to do!

    Your friend in the Deep South, Geoff

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