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Independent MP Hone Harawira looks to the future

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Hone Harawira, MP Tai Tokerau, Wed 23 Feb 2011

Firstly let me say that the devastation caused to the people and the communities of Christchurch is rightly in the hearts and minds of all New Zealand citizens at this time, and I express my genuine grief and condolences for the pain that they face in Otautahi.

Secondly, I acknowledge that the scale of the destruction in Christchurch reminds us all of the value of life and the importance of whanau in all that we do, and it is from that standpoint that I make the following comments.

I am extremely disappointed at the decision of the Maori Party President, to release the recommendations of the Disputes Committee to the media before putting them before the National Council. His actions have undermined the credibility of the process, and the genuine attempts to reach a positive resolution to the current impasse, but in spite of all that, the framework for a positive future has been reached.

Following discussions yesterday with close advisors as well as with the leadership of the Maori Party, I can announce that it is my intention to continue to serve the Tai Tokerau as an independent MP, and that I will contest the 2011 elections as either an independent or as a member of a new political movement in Aotearoa.

It is also my intention to go back to my electorate and to supporters around the country over the next month to inform them of my intentions and to seek their support, because it is their energy and support that has sustained me in the past, and particularly during the difficulties of the past few weeks.

But I did not lead the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed March from Te Rerenga Wairua to Parliament that gave birth to the Maori Party, to see it destroyed by infighting 5 years later, and I understand the vital importance of putting the problems of the past few weeks behind us so that we can all move on.

I am also comfortable with the view that we have come to a point where we can all agree that it is best for me and the party to go our separate ways, and to focus on the issues that are crippling Maori people, and indeed Pasifika and Pakeha people living in poverty throughout this country.

I also agree that in the best interests of advancing our peoples future, we focus on the issues rather than the personalities, and that we not speak disparagingly of one another.

In terms of the election itself, I have advised the leadership of the party that it is not my intention to contest any of the other Maori seats in 2011, and I understand that the Maori Party has agreed not to stand a candidate against me in 2011 either.

I intend setting out a very clear policy programme around issues I intend to prioritise, but I have also advised the party leadership that I will make myself available to meet with the caucus to discuss issues of common concern.

In my absence I will pass my votes to the Maori Party to present in the house.

Details regarding office accommodation, resourcing and seating in the house will be worked out over the next few weeks, but it is my hope that they can be settled in a way that enables us all to move forward to the election in a positive manner.

My life before entering politics was one of constantly challenging myself and those around me to achieve positive change for Maori, and I am confident that there is a lot more that I have to contribute to the political makeup in this country.

I look forward to the next few months with optimism and renewed vigour, and with a focus on building a movement that acknowledges that what is good for Maori will also be good for Aotearoa.

I will not be answering any further questions on this matter at this time. The countrys focus and energy should rightly be on the needs of the families and communities of Christchurch.

4 thoughts on “Independent MP Hone Harawira looks to the future

  1. Kia Ora Hone,

    I must say that although you can be tough, abrasive, and indeed abusive towards us 'Pakeha' at times, I thoroughly admire your blatant honesty and conviction, and your commitment to your cause. Where NZ really needs to be focussing into the future is to get Pakeha and Maori (infact all races in NZ) together to address the real issues we currently have – the rape and pillage by corporations (such as Fonterra, Monsanto etc) of our land and our pockets – utilising and polluting our lands to only rip us off at the other end of the production line, global government invasiveness, increasing food inflation, hopeless poverty, and a complete lack of sustainable living (which has been replaced by rampant consumerism at huge cost to other people in the 'factory farm' countries, the environment, and to wildlife). We pay one of the highest prices in the world for milk now, whereas it used to be delivered free to schools – where did we go wrong? NZ needs to get back to a sustainable model of living – we only have a small populace – and THAT is where we could lead the world. I firmly believe that the modus operandi of most worldwide governments is to divide and conquer. By turning populations against one another, the government is ever more powerful. A case in point is the US Govt who are using Nazi-style tactics now to get everyone to spy on eachother – therefore injecting fear and division into the people. Those who fall for this will be coaxed into every new security measure, outrageous law, and new scheme that those in power come up with, believing the government line that 'it is all for your own good, now be good little people and stand in line'. The Foreshore & Seabed debate is doing exactly that in this country.

    We need a new awakening in this country, and it is strong minded people like you along with others with great ideas (not necessarily all in agreement) who could form a working group to attack these issues and come up with common-sense solutions. Is that all too much to expect of the average human? If you can remove greed from the equation, I dont think so.

  2. Tena Koe e Hone,

    Kia Ora firstly please know that what im about to say is not to offend you in any way and secondly im glad to hear about your intentions, let's not seperate the issues from the personality clashes your experiencing, that's life, you've got unfinished business from where your journey started, and that's where you need to remain. I was always puzzled an wandered what point it was you were trying to get across, the morals, values and beliefs of some kind were expresses to the best of your ability, strong traits, forward, aggressive, blunt and to the point, not a very proffessional method or manner i might add, basically a style passed down by your immediate whanau, much of it i admire but only to a certain extent mind you, favoured by few Maori (Tai-Tokerau included) we're either ashamed or we're very proud, for me what makes us the beautiful Maori people that we are so unique. Is the way our Tupuna would want us to be, and to nurture the uniqueness down to a tee without feeling deprived or devalued, and to remain and maintain righteousness, honesty and openess we as a people once were, Im not on here to judge you Hone or target a specific personale of any kind, To me there was always something about you that phased me, it's not good and it's not bad either, You know exactly where it's at, and i envy that in a person such as yourself, by all means continue doing what your doing, with maybe a slight change in your methods possibly, Don't worry my heart bleeds too for our people (i.e Waitangi, Upbringing, Colonisation, Corruption…) and as much as i try to put that in the pass it does not untie this knot, nor can we forget, in order to move forward we have to forgive, pono? The first missionary settlers came to Aotearoa and preached their teachings only to suit themselves, that's the root of it, being that the bible was written by man and misinterperated by the very people whom today still have the upper-hand,in saying this, we also have alot to thank the Pakeha for (It's in our blood too like it or not) but i have to say i feel for Ministers of all kinds, Bishops, Arch-Bishops etc, because people not only ours but worldwide follow and stand by their staunch teachings by these very words (faith, hope and love) for what? where has that got us, I too want for our people to do well as much as you do, your'e not alone on this, the reason why it feels we're not getting anywhere is because everyone in the waka a paddling different directions and they're on different pages, anyway i won't ramble on as i know you have your hands full, Kia Whakatika, Kia Whakapono (most importantly of all) Kia Whakatuwhera, (Be truthful-honest, don't teka, be righteous and most importantly be open) only under these 3 things the Aroha comes, the real true meanning of the word love will be. Not many people would see it this way, thanks to the missionaries, i know Love/Aroha can get you in trouble too, should you want me to be more specific, i'd be more than happy to respond to your reply. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

    Omanaia Tuturu

  3. Kia ora Hone, kei a koe taku kaha i tenei wa e hoa. Kei te tino whakaae au kia tu motuhake koe mo to rohe ae, mo nga tuakana o te moana-nui-a-kiwa ae ra, mo te pohara me te rawakore ahakoa ko wai – ae marika. Kia kokiri torotika nga kaupapa e hangai ana ki a ngai-tatou katoa – ko reira taku kaha, me taku tautoko. No reira tungane, korua ko Hilda, koutou ko to whanau nei ra tetahi hinatore i te po t? kitea, i te po t? rawea – whakawhiti atu ki te raiti, te maramatanga me te aroha o to iwi. Kiri

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