May 15, 2021

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Introducing: Paua House Publishers

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Paua House Publishing is an emerging company based in Rotorua, Aotearoa and devoted to providing high quality publications that carry positive messages of inspiration.

Our vision is to further enrich and affirm the Wairua of connection to whenua ,whanau, and iwi by capturing the stories, histories, tales and wisdom from a unquiely Maori spiritual point of veiw.

We welcome the opportunity to nurture stories and ideas for a range of different types of printed works and look forward to speaking with those who may have something to share.

We are currently seeking artists for our launch product, this project aims to bring together as many spiritually minded artists, seers, and practioners from all walks of life, within the one publication to introduce internationally Wairua Maori and its many expressions.

In regards to this project we are offering an exciting promotional and publication package in leiu of financial payment

For further information or enquires contact: Paua House 07 333 1899 Email [email protected]

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