May 10, 2021

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Ka Mate Documentary Auditions

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We are looking for the main characters and extras for the recreation section of the Ka Mate documentary. If you or someone you know are interested in being a part of this documentary celebrating Te Rauparaha and his haka Ka Mate please contact Wiremu on 021429018 or email [email protected] for an audition time.

All participants need to be available for the 5th, 6th ,19th, 20th of March. The lead part of Te Rauparaha will be required for further days during March. Auditions will take approximately 15minutes. Others, like kids etc who may not fit the descriptions below will also be needed. Nau mai, haere mai.

Te Rauparaha

Age range: Mid Twenties to early forties Characteristics: Dark features, muscular, fit build, long hair preferred. Acting, or taiaha / mere training experience preferred.

Te Rauparaha

Age range: 10 13yrs Te Rauparaha as a young man.

Characteristics: Dark features, taiaha experience preferred, fit and lean.

Te Rauparaha

Baby new born ( no training required J )


50s 70s

Characteristics: Dark features, healthy build, can korero Maori a preference.

Male warriors

Age Range: 20s 50s Characteristics: Lean and fit with dark features. Long hair preferred. Taiaha / kapahaka training a preference.

Warriors / Wahine

20s 50s Characteristics: Lean and fit with dark features. Taiaha / kapahaka training a preference, Long hair preferred.

War Party

Lead Toa 30s to 40s Very skilled with the patu and or Taiaha. Dark features, fit . long hair preferred.

PLEASE NOTE: The Kapi Mana news report regarding this documentary stated that Te Rauparaha was being chased by Ngati Maru, this is incorrect. They will be publishing a retraction in next weeks edition.

Naku me nga mihi nui

Wiremu Grace


[email protected]

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