May 16, 2021

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Kaumatua to provide guidance on Harawira complaint

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Hone Harwira is in Auckland having arrived back from Rotorua. He met with Te Ururoa Flavell yesterday at Taheke maraein Rotoitiand after a 4-hour meeting.Yvonne Tahanafrom the NZ Herald reported that “the pair appeared relaxed and were joking after a four-hour meeting they said was frank and open, although the matter remained unresolved”.

We do know that there has been a call from Mr Harawira and his electorate that kaumataua from both Te Tai Tokerau and Waiariki meet to help provide guidance and wisdom regarding a way forward and were pleased to hear that Maanu Paul accepted the invitation on behalf of Mataatua and Te Arawa – for hui at Te Mahurehure Marae apopo with Tai Tokerau. The hui starts at 12 noon and will go until 5pm.

The Maori Party national council are to meet next Wednesday to continue the process.

Hone told the NZ Herald that his ties to Te Ururoa ran deep saying “that’s cool because our history goes back a long way, some 40 years. So we’re pleased to carry on and keep the korero going until such time as such things take over, whatever that be.” Mr Flavell said his complaints still stood, but he was happy to keep talking with Mr Harawira.

“I said that to the president numerous times, I repeated it today. Kaupapa Maori [doing things in a Maori way] is something I will adhere to, but those sorts of rules I have no respect for.”

As for his staying with the party, Mr Harawira didn’t believe he was going anywhere soon.

2 thoughts on “Kaumatua to provide guidance on Harawira complaint

  1. Mauri Ora let give thanks for the midiation process being for the future of Maori Party Kia Mau to Wairuatanga me to Tangatatanga o Aotearoa
    Tangata Whenua Party

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