May 10, 2021

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Local Samoan boxers on the David Tua fight card.

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The launch on Wednesday of the David Tua 19th March fight was nowhere near the hype of Tuas last showing in New Zealand against Shane Cameron; promoted then by Duco as the Fight of the Century.


Instead the event was a coming of age of professional boxing in New Zealand, and a revelation to the new shakers of the boxing business in New Zealand and the region.

Tagged as Tuas Backyard Brawl, David was still the attraction. But there was no sign of the show biz buildup like Tuas past fights. Instead, facing the media was Tuigamala Vaaiga Tuigamala, the new kid on the block as the promoter.

Attending was Lance Revill, President of the New Zealand Professional Boxing President, Tui Gallagher President of Auckland Boxing Association, former WBA Super middleweight champion Maselino Masoe, Alex Sua former NZ and Australasian Heavyweight Champion, Monty Betham (JR) boxing convert and former league star.

Most notable was the undercard match up resembling a Manu Samoa verses All Blacks international fixture in all eight bouts, with four local Samoan professional boxers of the Event Polynesia stable.

Vaitele Soi, Samoa cruiserweight champion, a rematch with Oscar Siale in what is expected to be an all blood and guts fight; with Oscar our to revenge a point loss to Vaitele in January last year.

Warren Fuiava, Samoa light heavyweight champion, against the explosive Daniel McKinnon. Is Warren the next Samoan champion to fall victim like Niusila Seiuli, Fale Siaoloa and Ioane Talamago to McKinnons prowess?

Pele Faumui, Samoa middleweight champion takes on a much heavier Gunnar Jackson in the super middle division.

Leti Leti, Samoa gold medalist in the amateurs, returns from Las Vegas to fight Ray Musson. Ray KOed Ionatana Pula, former Samoa middleweight champion, in their last outing in New Zealand after losing to Pula by points in an earlier encounter.

Teleiai Edwin Puni, managing director of Event Polynesia said, To fight on a Tua card is a dream comes true for any upcoming boxer, but to have four local Samoan boxers on the same card is a milestone for Samoa boxing.

Tuilagi Saipele of the Event Polynesia office in Samoa confirmed that Vaitele, Warren, Pele and to be accompanied by Oli Filimaua, Samoa welterweight champion will be departing for New Zealand on Tuesday.

According to Tuilagi, The boys have been training at JP Fitness over the last two weeks in anticipation of being selected. This week they started sparring at the Vaiusu under the supervision of Asiata Leon Stanley, Vice President of the SPBI. Training will step up for the next four weeks when they get to Auckland, including sparring with Maselino and David.

Jenkins Tesese of the Event Polynesia office in New Zealand said, Right now we are seeking sponsorship to help pay for the boxers visas, airfares, living expenses while in New Zealand and training expenses. Being non New Zealand residents makes it a very expensive exercise.

Those wanting to find out how they can assist with the Team Samoa preparations can contact us by email: [email protected], said Jenkins.

A low key sendoff for the local boxers is scheduled for Monday 10am at SamoaTel headquarters to be attended by the boxing fraternity.

PHOTO: Jenkins Tesese, Savea Al Harrington Lavea and Tuilagi Saipele Esera of Event Polynesia with David Tua and Inga Tuigamala.

2 thoughts on “Local Samoan boxers on the David Tua fight card.

  1. Anyone in NZ whom wants to challenge a local champion in Australia – Junior THE ONE Talipeau, send all requests to Alan Sykes ( Trainer ) 0417 495 077, Michael Karagiannas ( Manager ) 0411 366 982

  2. If only samoan local boxer understood how the boxing world operates, they wouldnt dare waste there time to fight…I can honestly say that all these promoters and there promotions are crooks…they love making money out of other people expences…They actually understand how it works, but take advantage of people that dont know whats going on?,hope karma will come back and get u all….fuckers

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