May 11, 2021

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Samoan man singled out for his heroic efforts in aftermath of Chch quake #eqnz

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Correct Update: The man dubbed “incrediBro Hulk” is Ahsei Ace Sopoaga- click here to read how he was found and what he thinks of all the interest in his story.

Incorrect Update: We were incorrectly told, that man is Sam Sam Siave – not Maori after all but we’re proud to count him as such! Sam was being singled out for his efforts in the aftermath of Tuesday’s quake. His along with other efforts of the 1000s of unsung heroes of Christchurch’s most recent earthquake are being praised around the world for their help in pulling people from the rubble directly after the devastating earthquake hit the city and outlying areas.

In Australia, Sydney paper the Daily Telegraph has said despite the “city-smashing quake” New Zealand’s character “remains undimmed.”

The paper said: “Outside of wartime, New Zealanders have never been called upon in such numbers to exhibit these levels of pure courage.

“To observe these men and women at work is to witness humankind reaching close to our ultimate potential.

The paper singled out a snatch of television footage beamed around the world which showed a Maori man “flinging himself into battle against a huge pile of concrete blocking the entrance to a shattered building.

“He threw massive chunks aside as though they were feathers.”

The man has yet to be identified.

A Facebook page called The Awesome Maori Guy – IncrediBro Hulk has been set up in his honor – with everyone trying to figure out who is is, including both the Stuff and ZM who are both trying to locate the man.

One post did remind us that although the world has hailed the man as a hero that he might be a humble soul saying:

“I doubt very much this fulla would want recognition for what he did. He would have let his natural insticts kick in, along with adrenaline, and do what he knew he had to to save a fello human in need.I take my hat off to you Kind Sir, for what you have done. Although we were never informed of the fate of the person you helped out of… the rubble. You, along with 1000’s of other kind souls, have joined a League Of Extraordinary People. Ka pai e hoa ma.

The paper said it was among the images “that are destined to remain forever in the minds of all who witnessed them.”

Do you know this man? Send your info and pictures to [email protected]:

You can check the bro out, picking up massive blocks of rubble to help free a trapped man (at 3.30):

12 thoughts on “Samoan man singled out for his heroic efforts in aftermath of Chch quake #eqnz

  1. Man you and the other rescures were doing an awesome job…we are just looking at the footage and it was scarey…great courage and and very Insperational…

  2. Mean, we're writing up a piece giving props to all those who helped each day, just love seeing brown faces doing good things on the news. we KNOW brothas and sistas are doing incredible, beautiful, kind things every second of every day – it's just nice to see it reflected on the 6oclock news.

  3. The mans name is AhSei "Ace" Sopoaga ppl. His son was on that facebook page and told them that's his father.

  4. dont forget the maori looking dude that was shown on bullitins about 4.45-5.00 pm on the day..who was fighting to free someone from a car in his shorts and jandles..!!! to all 'heroes' big ups – karma will catch up for you so suggest you buy a lotto !!

  5. This is not Sam Siave:

    Sam wrote this on the Awesome Maori Guy facebook page …

    "That guy is not me

    He was truly awesome, saw what was happening and without prompting he jumped in and got involved. I was there, I was talking to both Amy and Jamie and shifting rubble out of the way but this guy certainly made a massive difference when he pitched in.

    I'm sure everyone will agree that he deserves a medal.

    …On behalf of Amy and Jamies family, THANK YOU."

  6. Hey, the dude shows up again in the last 10 seconds of this clip – a really good closeup of his face at the end. Well done bloke!

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